Have you been defrauded by family court judges, lawyers and experts?

…working in suspected collusion to create deliberate conflict for cash?

Are Family Law Judges Fit For Purpose?

One of Researching Reform’s interests is judicial bias – the extent to which judges allow their personal sentiments to dictate the way they handle their cases – so the recent furore over Justice Pauffley’s remarks about hitting children and cultural…

Justice Pauffley’s remarks, in which she told the court that foreign families who hit their children should be made allowances for due to cultural norms, seem odd given that hitting a child is still not illegal, and applies to all families, both foreign and not, residing here. But bias is a varied and often unpredictable phenomenon and doesn’t always guarantee a linear pattern of thought.

Justice Pauffley’s comments have always been direct and searingly honest – she has openly criticized the flaws inside the justice system and takes a no nonsense approach to poor professional practice. Her comment in this most recent case though, suggests a deep-seated attitude towards hitting children.

These sorts of difficulties are echoed in the slow nature in which family law judges have taken to trying to grasp the Voice of the Child. Many judges, despite having children of their own, seem completely at sea with children and unable to engage with them when it matters most – to help amplify their wishes and feelings, so they can be seen as well as heard. That children are still so misunderstood, or not understood at all in most cases, is testimony to the fact that our judicial system remains wanting.

It’s time for the Bar to select individuals who are experienced, plugged in and in touch with the world around them. And just as importantly, to find those who are passionate about children and helping to ensure the best possible outcomes for them. Better training too is needed for our current family law judges, so that they can learn to keep any biases in check and carry out their work in a professional and competent manner.

From: Are Family Law Judges Fit For Purpose?

The FBI has requested a list of New Jersey people who have been defrauded by family court judges, lawyers and experts working in suspected collusion to create deliberate conflict for cash. Please forward: Name,  Address,  Email,  Phone,  County,  Judge

We need this no later than December 15th. Thanks. Groberts@fclu.org



Family Law Report – Susan Settenbrino- Misconduct by Judges – Part 2
Joe Sorge interviews NYC attorney Susan Settenbrino about the damage done by biased and corrupt judges. In Part 2, judicial misconduct is discussed in depth. Consider registering for the family law reform conference this November: http://www.divorcecorp.com/reform-2/. People from around the country will be there to discuss how we can work together for meaningful change.

LeMieux forgot confirming judge  —  On Saturday, the four front-runners in the race to unseat Bill Nelson in the US Senate participated in a debate hosted by the Florida Family Policy Council and Central Florida Tea Party Council. One of the topics discussed was judicial activism. Javier Manjarres from the Shark Tank reportedSee More

“A big issue at the forum was the topic of Judicial activist.  Childrens Rights Florida and American Fathers Liberation Army 

Paul Evans, convicted of murder by due process beyond reasonable doubt, pictured here with Judge Martinez who protected his life. Not pictured is Alan Pfeiffer, killed by Evans for cash.  In 1991 Connie Pfeiffer asked several of her friends to help her carry out the murder of her husband. After several refusals, one of h…  Continue Reading

Overturning Elections  —  Does the Florida Supreme Court think that it has the power to overturn an election? According to current Justices Pariente and Lewis, it does. Justice Quince seemed not committal in 2000, but willing to do so in 2010 (see the Health Care Freedom Act).  In 2000, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a ballot initiative tha…  Continue Reading

5c0d0-anti-familyAccountable Judges  —  A response to Florida Bar President Mayanne Downs

Last week we announced a voter education effort to help provide voters information about judges so that they can make informed decisions on Election Day. For far too long the court system has been cloaked in a shroud of secrecy that makes it difficult for voters to decid…  Continue Reading 

The Florida Supreme Court has been on a concerning activist trajectory for the last three decades. Colleen Pero of the American Justice Partnership prepared an excellent report that outlines different types of judicial activism and the decisions made by the Florida Supreme Court which is, in her opinion, evidence of judicial activism.

Of special not…  See More

Contact Jesse Phillips  407-494-0316   jphillips@citizen2citizen.us

See More    Report: Florida Bar Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Here is a copy of a report on the Florida Bar Board of Governors meeting. The most interesting things to note are the legislative agenda items and the paragraph on court funding.

Several judicial heavy-hitters, including four former Florida Supreme Court justices and former governor and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, will hold a press conference Thursday to oppose sweeping changes to the judicial branch advocated by House Speaker Dean Canno…  See More

Who chooses the judges?

The public perception is that when a vacancy appears on an appellate court such as the state Supreme Court, that the governor selects the person to fill the vacancy.

In reality, it’s not the governor who makes the determination, it’s a group of unelected individuals, half of which are selected dir…  Continue Reading

florida judges - 2015Rogue Bar Spin Operation  —  A few lawyers on the Florida Bar leadership board have sent out a rogue press release to spin public perception about a conversation they had with Dean Cannon on the judicial reforms being proposed by the Florida House of Representatives. Supposedly, in one conversation the Bar negotiators were able to get the Speaker to abandon one of this legisla…  See More

Cindy Cooper Youell

FL Bar Opposes Court Reforms
  —  Elected representatives statewide are facing opposition as they attempt to implement some reforms to the judicial system. The opposition is coming from the leadership of the Florida Bar association.

Bar president Mayanne Downs sent an email to lawyers statewide on Friday promising to unleash the full lobbying power of t…  Continue Reading

Supreme Court backs Governor  —  The Supreme Court of Florida ruled on a request made by two state representatives to require Governor Rick Scott to accept federal funds appropriated for the High Speed Rail project.  See More

Obamacare Is Unconstitutional, but it can be implemented anyway  —  Judge Roger Vincent followed his very good decision(that Obamacare is unconstitutional) with a very bad one. Even though it’s unconstitutional, the administration will be allowed to implement it anyway. By the time the Supreme Court hears it, the health care system could be damaged beyond repair.

His decision was based on the fact that the law is s… See More

Fear and secrecy-how the Supreme Court uses the Florida bar to control the legal system  —  As the November elections fade farther into history, voters statewide are busy evaluating one of the most interesting post-election subplots: Florida’s judicial system. Each election voters go to the polls and often replace candidates or even displace political parties from power. Judges, however, always maintain their…  Continue Reading

What is an activist judge?  —  Howard Troxler, writing for the St. Pete Times, raises a good question. Although we disagree with the rhetorical nature of his question and the conclusions he draws in his opinion, his question is a good one, worthy of discussion. He writes:

“When folks complain about ‘activist’ judges, it usually just means they don’t …  Continue Reading


By Kenric Ward from Sunshine State News (photo courtesy of Sunshine State News). You can reach Kenric at kward@sunshinestatenews.com or (772) 801-5341.

Florida Supreme Court Justice Jorge Labarga won the highest score in a Bar Association poll, but got the lowest retention vote of any high court judge in state history l…  Continue Reading

The election of President Obama created the phenomenon called the Tea Party. Our biggest concerns were bailouts, Obamacare, and a government headed down a path toward socialism. With the help of God and the spirit of our Founders We the People rose against the government, reminded them not to tread on us, and fixed the Congress in … See More

No Test of Parenting FITNESS - 2015

iINGUANZO V. ROSE - CAUSES 2015Roosevelt said, “One’s dignity maybe assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right” Justices for mother and son plz like and share to free our children from injustices. yes we passed SB594 child custody report, just like that The members are the members we listed in our email. The senate judiciary committee members. This is how legislation goes… We put forward a bill that would’ve made things way better by creating a form for custody evaluations to ensure the state laws for evaluations are followed. However, FLEXCOM (family law attorneys assn), AFCJ, (family court specialists assn) the CA Psychological assn and the Judicial Council (Ca courts) all opposed it and made the committee staff require Us and Sen wieckowski to water the bill down to the point that it doesn’t really help anything. So rather than pass a bill that does nothing to help the problem – and in some cases, would make things worse – we may decide to kill the bill. We’re working to make the bill good again, but if we can’t, we may allow it to die in committee just so that we can get on the public record that the courts aren’t following the laws that they are supposed to (which is the reason all of the groups are opposing the bill). This is how politics and legislation work. Those organization have waaaaay more power than we do. So we have to continue to be strategic to get good laws passed. This was a short version of the situation, but hope it helps.

Here’s an example I think you can relate to: the affordable care act. The original version of the ACA was a single payer, universal system. What it wound up being is a car insurance model that required people to have insurance, and be penalized if they don’t. That was not obama’s original vision, but the current ACA made sure that millions of people who did not have insurance under the old ways, no do under the ACA. It’s always a compromise. Pisses me off that we have to compromise over things like universal healthcare and child protection, but unfortunately, that’s politics. Which is why you should support H. Clinton for president next

After my son saw the news, showing your picture (California Supreme Court Chief Justices Tani Cantil-Sakauye )and saying that $30 million is missing, he said, “Mom, you do not want to go there. You are telling one fox that another fox raided the hen house. What are you thinking?” I told him, “I agree with you, but they are still researching there. Would you like to send them a message? You never know – maybe someone will hear you.” And he wrote, “. I am Saam, I am a child who put up with all of your abuses I have no vote, no say or voice, yet i think i matter. will you tell them that child abuse destroys our future? Now would you listen to me? i have more scars than friends.” the rage is on, tell your story too, Official oppression occurs where a public servant acts pursuant to his office or employment and: 
intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful; or intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful. The crime of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence occurs where a person, knowing that an investigation or official proceeding is pending or in progress: alters, destroys, or conceals any record, document, or thing with intent to impair its verity, legibility, or availability as evidence in the investigation or official proceeding; or makes, presents, or uses any record, document, or thing with knowledge of its falsity and with intent to affect the course or outcome of the investigation or official proceeding. mayday
Terroristic Divorce

How corrupt nazi-like Marin Family Court has torn apart a mother and her son more @http://terroristicdivorce.com

YOUTUBE.COMMissing Years of My Daughter Life by Parental Alienation - 2015

Stand Up For Zoraya
Florida Attorney General
Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Stop Emotional Child Abuse Bad Judges and Lawyers Reporting page

Chief Judge Bertila Soto of 11th Judicial Circuit - 2015Did you complete your pledge?

Dear Honorable Chief Judge Bertila Soto: 

I am disturbed about the injustice perpetrated on Mr. David inguanzo. I am further disturbed about the anger directed at this innocent man by Circuit Court Judge Valerie Manno-Schurr, captured on court transcripts, and her complete lack of sympathy for a man who is the proven victim of lies, including a lie by Ms. Nixa Rose to a Miami-Dade Police Officer, which is a felony in the State of Florida. 

I demand that: Judge Manno-Schurr recuse herself from Mr. Inguanzo’s case (Case Number: 2008-029595-FC17). And that she be demoted from her post as Presiding Judge of the Family Division of the Eleventh Judicial Court of Florida. And that Mr. Inguanzo be reunited with Zoraya Inguanzo WITH an ORDER allowing “Normal and Reasonable Timesharing” IMMEDIATELY.
Respectfully submitted,ONE MILLION SIGNITURES - CAUSES 2015
[Put in Your Name] [Put in Your State of Residence]

another birthday - 2015 STOP COPYING HERE: Please send your emails to all of the following: 1. Chief Judge Bertila Soto, c/o: 

Nothing justifies the minimization or removal of a fit and loving parent from a child's life NOTHING 2015Judicial Engineering Train - 2015

Researching Reform

One of Researching Reform’s interests is judicial bias – the extent to which judges allow their personal sentiments to dictate the way they handle their cases – so the recent furore over Justice Pauffley’s remarks about hitting children and cultural norms fascinated us.

Judicial bias is a very real, and present problem. All of us are prone to bias, and research suggests that even judges are not immune, regardless of how bright or how well educated.

Last year, one of our favourite judges, Baroness Hale, observed that judges lead sheltered lives and that this could in turn jeopardise their ability to adjudicate impartially, and with the necessary kind of life experience.

Justice Pauffley’s remarks, in which she told the court that foreign families who hit their children should be made allowances for due to cultural norms, seem odd given that hitting a child is still not illegal, and…

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Children Safest With BOTH Parents

681ee-shared2bparenting2btrain2b-2b2015https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8JCdJuX7R3u-uaD2cA_g3s32QkcV2hn-Proof Family Law is Broken - 2016

211ba-pledgeStudy: children are safest when they live with their two married biological parents

National Survey of Children’s Health, conducted by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, parents of 95,677 children aged 17 and under were asked whether their child was “ever the victim of violence or witnessed any violence in his or her neighborhood.” Among children living with their married biological parents, the overall rate of exposure to neighborhood violence was comparatively low: for every 1,000 children in intact families, 36 had witnessed or experienced neighborhood violence. By contrast, among children living with a never-married mother, the rate of violent crime exposure was nearly three times higher: 102 children per 1,000 had one or more such experiences. Among children living with a separated or divorced mother, the rate of exposure was more than twice as high as for children of married parents: 89 children per 1,000. (See Figure 1.) These comparisons are adjusted for differences across family types in the average age, sex, and race/ethnicity of the child; family income and poverty status; the parent’s education level; neighborhood quality; and frequency of residential moves.

Some might assume that the absence of an adult male to protect the household is key to the higher victimization rates of single-parent families. Yet children living with a biological parent and a stepparent also had an elevated rate of exposure to neighborhood violence: 84 children per 1,000. Even children living with both biological parents who were cohabiting rather than married had a significantly higher victimization rate—60 children per 1,000—though not as high as those in never-married or divorced families.

[…]Why are children living with never-married or separated and divorced mothers more susceptible to neighborhood violence?Violence and Crime linked to fatherlessness - 2015

Beyond the greater likelihood of having to live in unsafe neighborhoods and the more frequent moves that often come with family disruption, there are several other factors that increase vulnerability. First is the stress of conflict between parents and the strain of raising children as a lone parent in reduced financial circumstances. These can lead to a lack of vigilance and the overlooking of simple precautions, such as making sure that doors and windows are locked in houses and vehicles. Second, if they have broken up with their child’s other parent, a single parent will usually begin dating and trying to find a new partner. This process often involves being out of the house at night, sometimes leaving children with no or inadequate supervision. Third, as children become adolescents, the peers they become involved with in their less-than-ideal neighborhoods and schools are often troubled ones, who can lead them into hazardous situations and activities.

Marriage matters! We can allow alternatives to natural marriage, but natural marriage is best for kids.

You can read more about the safety advantages of marriage for women and children in this Heritage Foundation paper. Marriage matters, and we should doing everything we can to shrink secular big government programs that discourage marriage (e.g. – single mother welfare),  and promote programs that encourage people to marry and have children, (e.g. – getting rid of the marriage penalty). It’s a policy problem – we aren’t doing enough to help children when the secular big government is more interested in making it easier for people to not marry (single mother welfare), and breaking up existing marriages (no-fault divorce laws).

Both Parents should have equal time with their child, for the best outcome with all parties involved. The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents - 2015Children, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Step Parents, all loose when Parental Alienation occurs. If PAS was punishable by law, and enforced in Family Law it could change our future generations. We could ensure our son’s will NOT be victimized by a narcissistic ex withholding his children. We must empower our youth to realize after separation occurs between 2 parents,

the child will openly get to be loved and parented by both individuals.

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How you can help:

Sign~> Petition to United States Supreme Court to Enact Federal Parenting Plan Legislation.  Please share a reason why others should support this campaign and ask friends and supporters to sign with you.  Read more about the petition.Do not re-elect bad family court judges - 2016

Pledge~> To ask my family and friends to make a commitment to bring public awareness to this American epidemic. Please share a reason why others should support this campaign and ask friends and supporters to pledge with you. Read more about the pledge



Marriage is the safest environment for children Marriage is the safest environment for children

Story from Family Studies.

It says:

Young people are less likely to be victims of crime if they live in two-parent than in single-parent households. That has been a consistent finding of the National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. But it has been unclear whether the safety advantage stems from married couples living in less dangerous neighborhoods, on average, than unmarried parents, or from other differences in vulnerability between family types. My analysis of recent data from another national survey shows that even when their families live in unsafe neighborhoods, children in married two-parent families are less likely to be exposed to violent crime than children of never-married and divorced parents.

In the 2011-2012 National Survey of Children’s Health, conducted by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, parents of 95,677 children aged 17 and under were…

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The Most Important (and Challenging) Job of All?

CAUSES.COM/CHILDRENSRIGHTS — October 5, 2013 at 4:23 PM ~~0a85c-children2527s2brights2bfacebook2bgroup2b-2b20151f08e2-civil2brights2bin2bfamily2blaw2bflorida2b-2b20151

By Darby Jay @ Target Children Parents Relatives Society –

“I am a father…Not a deadbeat…Not a coward…Not a man that runs away from being a father, or a deserter of my own flesh and blood. Not a sperm donor or a court appointed ATM, but a Father in the purest form of the word. And while choosy “Moms choose Jif”; I sit, at 3:05 am holding the hot hands of a sick 7 year old princess. But that’s my job. Because…I am a Father.
I would speak to my daughter while she was in utero. She would respond with little kicks and from the womb…we interacted, and hadn’t even seen each other yet. When you immediately accept that, even before your child takes its first breath, you are already a Father; you immediately begin to bond with your child. (I am a Father)

The Family Law Court System as a whole, and it’s Judges, destroy the lives of children and in turn entire families by violating a Father’s right to “Due Process” and “Equal Protection” under the law. But we’ve known that for decades. Anyone that thinks or believes that there is “Due Process” for Fathers in the Family Law Court System should be placed in a padded room and heavily sedated. Why is it ok for Fathers to miss their children? Why is it ok for a Father to be sick and wrapped in worry? Why is it permissible for “Non Custodial” parents to start legal proceedings at an immediate disadvantage? Why is there no legislation in place to safeguard Fathers that are being swept in amid the men that make us all look bad? We are judged before the first hearing? It physically hurts on days (that) I don’t have my daughter with me. “DEPRESSION HURTS!” as the commercial for anti-depressants says…right? (It hurts because…I am a Father.)

Ask yourself, what parent wouldn’t be stressed sleepless concerned about their child? Therefore forcing time away from a parent and child would reasonably cause a great deal of stress and worry.. .to truly say the least. But the Family Law Court (and) its Judges are far from reasonable. Now, just imagine that you’re sitting at your desk at work, and two armed Sheriffs approach the receptionist’s desk, then your intercom buzzes, and you are then summoned to the front desk The Sheriff asks you for your name. And then politely informs you that you have been served with child support papers. And that’s just the beginning. Keep in mind that you are the same father that went through the entire pregnancy, CPR classes, ultrasounds, the Birth…ya know Dad stuff. For the record, (a sidebar really); Any man that has stood side by side, each day and night for nine months with a hormonal, morning, noon and night vomiting, habitual mood swinger knows that Fathers don’t exactly have it easy during a nine month pregnancy either. Weather you are an amazing Father, or a deadbeat looser, Family Law Court will filter your life through Hell all the same. I am a Father.

With no criminal record, never been arrested, no history of violence, domestic or other; At what point did I ask to be Non-Custodial.? There is nothing “Non-Custodial” about me! I have never needed a Court’s Order to care for my Daughter. Since when have I not been a Father? I clinch my fist and grit my teeth while, the very system set in place to protect our families not only fatally fails, but spits in my face and violates my rights.” (I AM A FATHER!)

“There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System.” -Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge, New York, New York

“What Social Services is good at is removing “Power” from people. When this is accomplished, then there go choices.” -Mr. Sharles Johnson

Reason and Reflection

If you said President of these United States or CEO of the most iconic and “valuable” company in the world, Apple Computer, you would be very wrong. “Most powerful” or “most influential” might apply, but not “most important.”


The most important job in the world, by far, is birthing, educating, and responsibly raising children to grow into accountable, productive citizens of this planet. Parenting/mentoring is the most important job of all!

Most people pondering the question just posed would likely agree with the above answer. We are accustomed to the expression, “grass-roots movement,” a phrase prevalent in today’s news, particularly when applied to forms of social protest. Having spent seventy-four years plus as a member and active observer of the SHB, the Society of Human Beings, I conclude that the majority of mankind’s domestic and global ills can only be cured by administering a strong dose of self-help…at the grass-roots…

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When further attempts to achieve redress fail, litigants display the hallmark signs of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS)

Whatever the court setting, whether it is regarding divorce, child custody, parental support, probate matters, personal injury, property disputes, legal or medical malpractice, criminal charges, or other deeply personal issues, the frauds put forth in our courts add greatly to the trauma.

When litigants are unable to get fair resolution to their issues, when the court dysfunction further adds to the litigant’s burden, when no amount of actual case law compels an equitable outcome, litigants suffer often disabling levels of stress. When further attempts to achieve redress fail, litigants display the hallmark signs of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS).*

The concept of Legal Abuse Syndrome was brought to the attention of this writer by investigative journalist Michael Volpe, who’s completing a book on the life and suicide of ones of its victims. The book’s pre-publication title is Bullied to Death: The Chris Mackney Story.

(Dr. Huffer, incidentally, invites reports of cases like this one on her website’s Contact page.)

Chance to be a Dad - 2015Originally posted on TALKING BACK to restraining orders:
This is the first post on this blog to introduce
Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS), a condition proposed by marriage and family therapist Karin P. Huffer, whose books on the subject of post-traumatic stress stemming from court-mediated violations are Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome(1995) and Legal Abuse Syndrome: 8 Steps for Avoiding the Traumatic Stress Caused by the Justice System(2013).

“Anyone who has ever worked in a legal aid office or law library has met people whose lives have come unhinged after a bad contact with the legal system. The details vary—they may have lost a business or inheritance or the custody of a child—but the common theme of feeling violated by the legal system does not. Even 20 years after losing a lawsuit, some people who suffer from Legal Abuse Syndrome still carry a suitcase of old legal papers around, desperately hoping someone will help…View original 746 more words


Stop Court Ordered Parental Alienation and Judicial Misconduct


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Family Courts and the exploitation of the Legal System

ed6e6-1458764151635Warning Signs of Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case

1 – If you tell any court appointment worker about sexual abuse and you lose custody to your abuser, then you know that your CPS worker or Lawyer or Law Guardian involved in child trafficking Rings.  They will bribe the courts to give custody to the batterer and then use the children for their child trafficking rings.

In the case of Alanna Krauss, the child was begging to live with the mother for fear of Domestic Violence, which was ignored.

In the case of Amy Neustein, the mother repeatedly reported sexual abuse to the attorneys, Judge Deutsch, and Ohel local division for children’s services in Brooklyn NY. Her please were ignored.

Example One: Nancy Shaefer exposes Children s Protective Service CPS as pedophiles in the system.  (Former State Senator of Georgia and her husband Bruce were found brutally killed)

Example Two: Famed Child Psychiatrist Dr. William Ayers retained by the court for forensic evaluations enjoyed years of trust in the courts until he was exposed as a pedophile. His victims testified after years of believing they must submit to his rigorous ‘treatment’ by order of the courts.Lawless Family Courts - 2016

2- Your Family, Friends, and supporters are not allowed into the courtroom.  Even if the family court is open to the public and media, the very people you will want in the courtroom are thrown out by the judge. This is because they do not want anyone to believe your bizarre story about what went on in there. When you tell people, they will say you are making it up. This gives them the freedom to order you around without having to answer to your supporters.family-courts-no-rules-20161

3- It feels like the judge already knows what he needs to order without you even opening your mouth. If you walk into the courtroom with a list of evidence and documentation, they will not hear you out. They will not let you submit your documentation or evidence. Ever wonder why?  Even if you show mind-blowing information, if they don’t take it from your hands, they didn’t have to enter it into the case thus not hearing you out.

4 – The CPS worker or Law Guardian testifies that the Mother appears to have mental health issues. Note: they are not mental health professionals and have no legal right to make allegations, ye the judge will hear them out without a doctor’s evaluation report citing your mental illness. Furthermore, the alleged mental illness is enough to pass custody over to the father. Again, nobody ever got proof of your mental illness. May times it’s left off at “friends and neighbors say she is nuts”.

5 – Judge taking out large sums of money in the form of property loans and later paying them back is one method that a judge might employ to conceal the fact that he or she is being enriched from an outside source. When a judge’s income is inadequate to serve as the source of loan repayments, it is likely that the funds are coming from somewhere else.

6- Cronyism leads to liars appointed as forensic evaluators. You are not entitled to your report. You don’t understand how your meeting with the evaluator turned into a negative blast-fest in the courtroom, while you listen in horror. NY TIMES “Though they have been around for years, court-appointed forensics have become increasingly commonplace — and controversial — in New York, which may be the high-conflict custody capital of the nation.”PAAO - Fam Crt

7 – You are deemed to be an unfit parent, had your parental rights stripped of you, without a  conviction before a jury of peers.  Oftentimes, this is a temporary ruling based on “urgency” of the testimony of the CPS ACS worker in the courtroom.  Unequal custody rulings by a single judge are wrong and you have a constitutional right to have a trial by jury.  By then, though, they will not hear you out because by the time they schedule it, the children have been with the father for so long, the court will prefer to keep that as a status quo. This is done on purpose.  “Psychologists are included in the slander process through court ordered “evaluation” of the psyches of family members, turning legal matters into alleged psychological problems, and defamation of character by these alleged “professionals” who oblige the courts’ requests for their services.”

8- You feel like the reason your case keeps being adjourned is not for fact finding but for prolonging litigation thereby lining the pockets of the professionals of the system. “Courts and evaluators sit in passive judgment, yet rarely render guidance. Evaluators are scientifically incapable of identifying the “better” parent-yet earn millions from desperate parents by pretending they can. Attorneys rarely end conflict, but regularly use courts to encourage litigation, absorb resources, and harm their clients, children, and community.”

Evidence - 2016

No automatic alt text available.
The Authentic Fathers’ Rights Movement

List of agencies and public officials that have seen my video proving battery to a minor and child abuse. They’ve also been given an alarming amount of evidence proving child endangerment, child neglect, and many other crimes.

– Governor Brown who appointed Judge Virginia Keeny, and a man who once stated, “Take back America from the confederacy of corruption.”

– Mayor’s office

– Several City Attorneys (All of whom are corrupt in Van Nuys)

– Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey

– Attorney General Kamala Harris

– US DOJ Central District L.A.

– US DOJ Civil Division Washington D.C.  – FBI  – Congressman Ted Lieu  – California BAR  – Attorney General Loretta Lynch  – The President/First Lady  – Commision on Judicial Performance  – California Court of Appeal, 2nd District  – Internal Affairs

It’s extremely unsettling to know family court judges are deliberately sanctioning child abuse and our “justice system” is looking the other way and essentially facilitating and encouraging child abuse from their inaction.

Only cowards abuse children and allow the abuse to continue.

This proves that Attorney Mark Shelnutt is CORRUPT. The 5th Circuit of Florida and the Florida 5th DCA is corrupt. I turned in Judge Swigert to the FDLE for Doctor shopping for drugs, wore wires for the USDOJ due to Judge Singbush’s “friend” being fired by a colleague and I reported 5th DCA Judge Sawaya’s sister for actions that led to her conviction for forged medical license and illegally obtaining DEA. Mary Sawaya was convicted in federal court. Mark Shelnutt played bait and swith in my most recent deposition. I call for federal intervention. Video to be uploaded shortly. Look up how many attorneys are ruined for exposing government corruption. Attorney Richard Fine. My attorney is now being threatened with Disbarment unless he lets be go down. Even former Judge Bell of the FL. Supreme Court told him as I witnessed the phone call, let him go down and you will be cleared. I call for help. ~ Todd Overcash — ‎Children’s Rights Facebook Group · Proof that My attorney is under attack for defending me from false attacks

9 – Your free legal aid lawyer asks you for “money on the side”. You drop the lawyer. Your mess gets worse in court.billboard-carvercountycorruption1

10 – You take the kids to the law guardian for an interview, or the CPS worker arrives to your home. In either case, they already have a pre-formed character opinion on you. You might even see the law guardian look at his notes as he already has a file of information on you. Whatever you say makes no difference. They already know you are “mentally ill” and will say that in court. The visit or appointment is just a formality for record keeping. Even if you sit in silence they already know what they will do with you in court.our_lives_end_become_silent_matters_boycott_isa246


If anything like this has happened to you or is currently happening. Wake up! It’s true and it’s happening nationally across America in the Family Courts we turn to for “justice”. If we can join hands and make light of what is happening, we stand a chance of ending this corruption.

The Ugly Truth: Why States and Courts Don’t Want Shared Parenting

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Memo To Followers: Federal Title IVD Payments and Bonuses to States For the Collection and Administration of Child Support Payments. _ Recently, I’ve been getting some queries about why I’ve been hammering so…

My children are a gift

American Fathers Liberation – 

[image: “Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”]
*No Contact for Daughter and Father * – *No Reason Needed * – *Demand Family Court Judge Manno-Schurr’s Immediate Recusal * January 24th, 2015 – I expressed my concerns for Zoraya‘s behavior to three Supervised Visitation Monitor/Reporter after visit with daughter. For Zoraya’s safety and well-being!! *more [image: OUR LEGISLATORS CAN PROTECT US FROM THE HORRORS OF FAMILY COURTS TO IMPOSE EQUALIT… more »

Autism Custody Battles

All over the world, poor people are denied access to legal representation or family support because they cannot bribe the corrupt CPS worker or prosecutor, then held indefinitely in a custody battle—or found guilty—because they cannot bribe the corrupt judge. The ability to put cash in the right hands often makes the difference between freedom and entrapment for victims of abuse of the judicial system.

Judge Garson accepted $1,000 and a box of cigars

“The poor need legal aid, not pressure to pay bribes. They need proof that
everyone is equal before the law.”
— Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg

Warning Signs of Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case

1 – If you tell any court appointment worker about sexual abuse and you lose custody to your abuser, then you know that your CPS worker or Lawyer or Law Guardian involved in child trafficking Rings.  They will bribe the courts to…

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Ever heard of Child Support Credit For “Necessaries”?

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Children’s Rights –  Hello Everybody!

This is Disbar The Florida Bar, the campaign which is uncovering the corruption at the Florida Bar…. Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Sunday, September 26, 2010 Disbar the Florida Bar Rules Regulating The Florida Bar Excerpts from the Preamble: A Lawyer’s Responsibilities We are uncovering the corruption at the Florida Bar. This regulatory agency is obstructing justice and denying honest services to many Floridians. This has a profound effect on all of us. When rogue attorneys use the courts and their profession to line their own pockets, the only line of def… more »


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Several judicial heavy-hitters, including four former Florida Supreme Court justices and former governor and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, will hold a press conference Thursday to oppose sweeping changes to the judicial branch advocated by House Speaker Dean Canno

The public perception is that when a vacancy appears on an appellate court such as the state…

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Who chooses the judges?

The public perception is that when a vacancy appears on an appellate court such as the state Supreme Court, that the governor selects the person to fill the vacancy.

In reality, it’s not the governor who makes the determination, it’s a group of unelected individuals, half of which are selected directly by the Florida Bar Association. The governor chooses one of the 3-6 names handed to him by this group.

Our representatives are trying to change that, to make the judicial system accountable to the voters. The legal community, even lawyers with whom I share many political similarities, are opposed to these reforms.

Sarah Rumpf wrote an article about the legislature’s attempts to reform how judges are chosen. I know and respect Sarah and think she is a great patriot. I think that this is an issue on which reasonable and otherwise like-minded people can disagree.

Sarah did quote an individual named John Hamilton. Given the following comment made on his Facebook page, John doesn’t respect those who disagree with him on this, or believe that reasonable people can disagree:

[HJR 1097 is a] profound, outrageous attack by the Florida legislature on the independence of the Florida judicial system. It’s shameful, embarrassing, disgusting, and appalling. No legislator who actually cares even remotely about our system of justice could even consider voting for this bill…

Although I’m not a legislator, I do care about our system of justice and I believe firmly in protecting the independence of the judicial system against activist judges. I’m going to do my best to defend some reforms that the Florida Bar deems so ‘shameful’ without responding to some of the ad hominem hyperbole that I feel characterizes this debate at times.

First, we must admit the absolute necessity of reform.

1. The Florida Bar is increasingly out of touch. They gave Justice Jorge Labarga an 88% approval rating before the last election, the highest they have ever given any judge. Just a few weeks later, the voters gave Labarga a 59% approval rating, the lowest ever. That gap of nearly 30% between the Bar and voters is quite alarming, when you consider that the Bar gets to choose who gets put up as a judge.

2. Conflict of business interest for lawyers. I have talked with many lawyers and asked them about judges, merit retention and judicial reform. I am met with anything from vitriol to absolute fear that anything they say will get back to the judge and hurt their client’s chances in court. Like it or not, lawyers are in the business of winning cases for clients, and the judges decide who wins. I’m not faulting lawyers for trying to win cases. That’s their job. I’m just pointing out an obvious conflict of interest when it comes to judicial nominations.

A lawyer’s nomination of a judge, as happens in the JNC, is at least in part a business decision that will affect their success in the practice of representing clients, since the judges determine the outcome of their cases. I believe this conflict of interest does not protect, but actually compromises the independence of the judicial system, the way any business interest would compromise the objectivity of that individual or group of individuals.

Imagine the outcry there would be if the Chamber of Commerce wrote our tax laws. We have a similar conflict with lawyers choosing judges.

More could be said about the necessity of reform, but I want to address the characterization of these reforms by the legislature. They have been characterized as some sort of outrageous attack by the legislature.

The US Constitution dictates a system of executive appointment and Senate confirmation for our Federal Government: Sarah, and many other lawyers believe that this bill, which would allow the Governor to appoint and the Senate to confirm a judge is “so horrible I just can’t keep quiet.” I respectfully disagree.

I know that invoking the US Constitution in a discussion about a state bill will probably create a response that the US Constitution doesn’t dictate how a state should set up its system. My only point is that I wouldn’t consider the system of refurbishing the judiciary that was enshrined in our national Constitution and thought to be wise by our founding fathers as “horrible”. It actually seems pretty wise to me to have elected representatives (governors, presidents and Senators) pick the next judge, rather than unelected legal professionals and laypersons controlling that process.

I won’t stop there: I believe the empirical evidence suggests that the appointment-confirmation process produces a more balanced court than the nomination-appointment process. Case in point: our national Supreme Court is a 5-4 court. Our state supreme court is a 5-2 court. The greater balance is achieved by a process that is subjected to the will of the people and their elected representatives.

The national Supreme Court, like the country as a whole, is slightly center-right. When elected officials control the process, the court gradually reflects the ideological stance of the citizens. When that safety-net is removed and the process is controlled by any non-elected group, the court will gradually reflect the ideological bent of that group rather than the population at large.

This is exactly what has happened in Florida. Lawyers, for one reason or another, tend to be more liberal than conservative on the whole. The court, as a result of their influence on the system, is 5-2 liberal in a state that just elected conservatives to a veto-proof majority.

In summary, the current judicial reforms put forth by the Florida House of Representatives seeks to model our state system after the US Constitution. If this is how we’re defining extremism or an ‘attack’, then I say “fire at will.”
Very Rarely Like Judges - 2015

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, Mother was designated the custodial parent of their two children and Father was awarded visitation. Father was ordered to pay child support of $350 per month.

Almost immediately, the parties began exercising equal parenting time via alternating weeks. They agreed to cut Father’s child support obligation in half because they were equally dividing parenting time, but never obtained a court order approving the child support modification.

Shortly thereafter, Mother moved to Nashville. The parties’ son moved in with Father and their daughter continue to live primarily with Mother. From October 2003 through December 2009, Father paid no child support, nor did he file a petition to modify child support.

In December 2009, the parties’ son moved to Nashville and began living with Mother. In January 2011, Father resumed paying child support of $433 per month.

Mother petition for contempt and modify child support

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The psychological effects of divorce.

The psychological effects of divorce may touch divorcees, children, family and friends.

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Your Raising a Human Being NOT an Inconvenience

Dearest Daughter,

I love you so much. 

Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am scared of mom’s false allegations and lies, she  doesn’t call me and knowing she is only a couple of mile away hurts like hell.

Please know that daddy, your brother, your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles; your whole family loves you and misses you very much.

I tried to get to see you but your mom told the Judge, in family court on April 24th, 2013, that “it’s too inconvenient for her to take you to visit with me”.
I love you!

What can be worse than that?

In 2013, Judge Manno-Schurr agreed with mom. In my opinion this is Parental Alienation by Mom facilitated by the Family Court.Judge granted Mom’s Motion to Strike the Amicus Brief filed by Dad that explains to the Family Court that  “Parental
Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse” written by Linda Kase Gottlieb‘s L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.

Family Court Services Report regarding the 12 supervised visits dated January 29th, 2013 states:

“After greeting, Mr. Inguanzo immediately engaged Daughter in conversation and play. Father and daughter discussed different topics such as school, science, books, a trip to France, physical education, Zoraya‘s older brother and other relatives, holidays, etc. Mr. inguanzo also practiced speaking Spanish with Daughter. Mr. Inguanzo frequently demonstrated physical affection, to which Daughter allowed and reciprocated. Mr. Inguanzo displayed behaviors indicative of being nurturing  patient, and attentive to Daughter’s needs. Daughter appeared to enjoy her father’s company. Daughter and her father displayed a very good level of interaction.”

I have not seen and or spoken with Daughter since January 24th, 2015

I promise I will keep trying Zoraya and I will never, never, never, never give in

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