The psychological effects of divorce.

The psychological effects of divorce may touch divorcees, children, family and friends.

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  1. Judge Manno-Schurr: Reversed again for not knowing the law – United Auto Courts Reports
    United Auto Courts Reports
    Valerie Manno-Schurr has made a habit of being reversed in her first term as Miami-Dade circuit judge. The latest instance was on Feb. 29, when the Third District Court of Appeal determined that she erred in a dispute over a homeowner’s insurance claim. Judge Manno-Schurr has been reversed many times on cases taken to appeal. As of late 2011, about 45% of her decisions were sent back to her to fix a legal mistake. Does she deserve re-election this fall? Voters may want to think about how well – or poorly — she handled this case, and others. In this recent case, a Miami-Dade homeowner received an insurance payment of $7,000 in 2005 for damages from Hurricane Wilma. In March 2009, a public adjuster inspected the homeowner’s property and filed a supplemental claim for $122,769. The insurance company challenged the claim in court and asked that the homeowner do two things: submit to an examination under oath and sign it; and provide a sworn proof of loss in 60 days. The homeowner…Read More

    Do her mistakes qualify her for another six years on the bench? Or is it time that Miami-Dade voters look for someone who is more competent and willing to follow the law?

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  2. Families crumble for any number of reasons: divorce, the death of a parent, drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration. Grandparents in the U.S. do have rights and can seek visitation with grandchildren, but those rights vary from state to state. Understanding your basic rights can help ensure that your relationship with the grandchildren doesn’t end should that with their parents. Of course, every case involves a unique set of facts and grandparents who find themselves suddenly cut off from grandchildren should consult a lawyer to discuss the course of action their specific situations require.

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