Why do PAS parents act like they do?

Stop Emotional Child Abuse Parental Alienation - 2015The parent may be diagnosed as narcissistic (self-centered), where they presume that they have a special entitlement to whatever they want. They think that there are rules in life, but only for other people, not for them.

Also, they may be called a sociopath, which means a person who has no moral conscience. These are people who are unable to have empathy or compassion for others. They are unable to see a situation from another person’s point of view, especially their child’s point of view. They don’t distinguish between telling the truth and lying in the way that others do.

In spite of admonitions from judges and mental health professionals to stop their alienation, they can’t. The prognosis for severely alienating parents is very poor. It is unlikely that they are able to “get it.” It is also unlikely that they will ever stop trying to perpetuate the alienation. This is a gut wrenching survival issue to them.”
[Source: Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome, by Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. ]

Reading this article struck so many chords with us. Control was such an ongoing issue with our alienating parent. She, and only she, had the right to make decisions pertaining to HER children. She certainly did not obey court orders, since she — as mother — knew what was best for her children. Court orders did no good in our case, because they were completely ignored. Rules are meant for others to follow …. not her.

And, on many occasions, she would have her young children call their father and give him excuses as to why he would not be seeing them during his regularly scheduled visitation, or on his scheduled holidays.

Is she able to see this situation from her childrens’ point of view?  That’s highly unlikely; otherwise, she would not have put her children through the ordeals that she has put them through.

Can she distinguish between telling the truth and lying?  Lies roll off of her tongue so easily, we worry that she is so delirious, that she actually believes what she was saying.

Just a few days ago, someone — who has traveled with us through our journey of parental alienation, said: “she just doesn’t get it, and doesn’t see that no one is buying her version of what’s happened over all these years.” Like Dr. Major said, it’s very unlikely that she will ever stop trying to perpetuate the alienation. Even after 36 years, she can’t put her children before her feelings ….. and the alienation continues.

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A Child’s Rights

 A child has the right to

• A continuing relationship with both parents.

• Be treated not as a piece of property, but as a human being…Thank You Judge

Parental alienation should be criminal offence, says group

Support group says children are being damaged by high-conflict separations

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association said there was a lack of understanding in Ireland of how serious this form of alienation can be and how much damage can be caused to children as a result. Photograph: Thinkstock/Getty ImagesThe Parental Alienation Awareness Association said there was a lack of understanding in Ireland of how serious this form of alienation can be and how much damage can be caused to children as a result. Photograph: Thinkstock/Getty Images

Excerpt ~

A parent who, following the breakdown of a relationship, attempts to turn their child or children against the other parent should be prosecuted, a support group has said.

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association said there was a lack of understanding in Ireland of how serious this form of alienation can be and how much damage can be caused to children as a result.

Parental alienation involves the unwarranted rejection of one, previously loved, parent by a child following a separation or divorce. It is associated with high-conflict splits and involves the child focusing undeserved and disproportionate anger toward the rejected parent, which is fed by the behaviour of the aligned parent, who most often has greater custody.

Some psychiatrists and support groups have labelled the child’s behaviour as “parental alienation syndrome” (PAS), though this is not defined as a condition by the World Health Organisation. It is also not recognised by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the bible for mental health diagnoses.

However, family therapist Brian O’Sullivan says, whatever the label is, the dynamics of PAS have been noted since the 1950s and children are being damaged.

Refuse contact

He said during high-conflict divorces or disputes a child might refuse contact with one parent and be extremely withdrawn and contemptuous, aligning himself or herself with the other parent.

The issues underlining this are complex, but may be partially explained by the alienating behaviours of the aligned parent, who may be emotionally needy and who offers the child warm and involved care in exchange for allegiance.

Mr O’Sullivan, who is completing a thesis on alienation at the department of child and family psychiatry in the Mater hospital, Dublin, said the child’s reasons for rejecting a parent may be scripted, lack substance and accurate detail, and may include adult phrases and language.

“This is not to be confused with realistic estrangement, where there has been neglect or abuse and a child has good reasons to be hostile to a parent,” he said.

Alienation can cause long-term psychological damage to children, as well as damaging the relationship with the alienated parent. It can also impact both parents, not just fathers, he said.

In Ireland, it is a relatively new phenomenon, because we have only had divorce since 1995, Mr O’Sullivan said.

He said in family court cases here, where the voice of the child is now being given such emphasis, it would be helpful if social workers, therapists, legal professionals and judges were aware of the dynamic.

Child’s views

If the child indicates they want nothing to do with a parent, with whom they have had a happy relationship, some professionals may conclude the child’s views are valid, must be respected and acted upon. However, they should consider alienation as part of their decision-making process.

“There needs to be more education about it,” he said.

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association has called for legislation to make parental alienation a criminal offence. Andries van Tonder, secretary of the organisation, said in Mexico, the parent encouraging alienation can be imprisoned for 15 years. He said there should also be State support and rehabilitation provided for PAS children.

“It is a serious form of child abuse to turn a child against a parent,” he said.

“The problem is it is so embedded in Ireland.”

He said the after-effects of parental alienation can be worse than physical or sexual abuse and have been linked to suicides and drug overdoses in Ireland.

“A PAS child may not realise the damage that has occurred and may only pick up on the effects aged 24 or 25,” he said. He said he was aware of a 69-year-old, who was a PAS child, and was still suffering from the effects. The association has quite a few adult PAS children who are members, he says, as well as parents who have been alienated.

“Our big fight is to educate on this form of child abuse; Ireland does not want to listen yet, but we hope it will listen soon.”

Justice Lab – Youth Intervention, Restorative Justice and More  ~~    Researching Reform

Human Rights Rally Sponsered by The Fathers Rights Movement and GRAUSA

This is about the basic human right to thrive to prevent P.A.S. to join together network and begun a united movement .

Great job! This is the year we turn a corner. Awareness is here and Change is coming. Too many children have suffered at the hands of alienators and an incompetent, corrupt family court system. ENOUGH!

Follow us on our Cross Country Awareness Road Trip, from sea to shining sea

Call it ‘Occupy Family Court’ or ‘Fatherless Day.’ There was a protest Friday afternoon on the west steps of the State Capitol against a family court system they say automatically rules in favor of mom during a divorce, without giving dad a chance.

The Long Term Effects of Parental Alienation

“I believe that PAS parents have become stuck in the first stage of child development, where survival skills are learned.

To them, having total control over their child is a life and death matter. Because they don’t understand how to please other people, any effort to do so always has strings attached. They don’t give; they only know how to take. They don’t play by the rules and are not likely to obey a court order.

Descriptions that are commonly used to describe severe cases of PAS are that the alienating parent is unable to “individuate” (a psychological term used when the person is unable to see the child as a separate human being from him or herself). They are often described as being “overly involved with the child” or “enmeshed”.

The parent may be diagnosed as narcissistic (self-centered), where they presume that they have a special entitlement to whatever…

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Should Family Court Judges be held to the same standards as the rest of us when they commit misconduct?

Unlike in most court cases, family courts have no jury. This leaves the outcome of each case completely at the discretion of the judge, thereby subverting our basic civil liberties.

Family Court Manipulation

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In general, it seems that judges are unwilling to explicitly specify whether mothers or fathers are the preferred parents, with the exception of the situation when children are under the age of six, in which case they believe that the mother is the preferred parent. Although they disagreed with the specification of either parent as better than the other, … the disagreement was stronger with regard to the father. Overall, on each of the five items, the means indicated a preference toward mothers over fathers, which are consistent with the theory of maternal preference.

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Family Civil Rights Movement - 2015

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

When I heard about Megyn Kelly and this War on Women being waged by Donald Trump, like any conscientious American, I offered to enlist my services to defend our country against a pending invasion. Admittedly I had selfish reasons: two precious daughters, hot girlfriends, the best mom a guy could hope for, and countless women ScottI have protected over the years as a civil rights advocate. God forbid some guy named Trump would harm them in any way.

The problem was I could find nothing to show that this Donald guy harmed any woman, let alone someone I knew. Worse yet, I discovered that I was an unwitting member of the enemy camp, a likely conscript of the Trump juggernaut, a person of opposite gender and a full one-half of the human population. The invaders were everywhere, well beyond the skills of our finest military personnel. It was a war like no other, and I must confess it scared the Hillary out of me.

The first thing I logically did was consult our Constitution to check for veracity. It clearly stated that only Congress could declare this war. Alas there was no such declaration. But because that never stopped any president in recent memory, I knew this war could be occurring without our consent. And that required me to investigate further even if it meant wiping out the other half of humanity and our species altogether. Hey don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with this war.

I then learned that such a war could only be declared by a member of an obscure faction known as IML (Insecure Man-hating Liberals). The other wars included poverty, the environment and the War on Wars (2008 presidential elections). Sadly we lost all of them with the exception of a highly classified War on Fathers in our nation’s family courts. With all of Trump’s wealth and success rates in comparison, I knew we were in real trouble.

So I visited the SWDC (Strategic Woman Defense Command) headed by, you guessed it, Megyn Kelly. Someone named Caitlyn refused entry due to enemy suspicions, but I was able to learn the action plan from e-mails of our former Secretary of State. In a nutshell, it was to fake an attack like Tonkin Bay, alarm the public to expand our federal bureaucracy and raise taxes until the last factory left for China. My gosh, the Soviets were right! We could be conquered from within.

In the end I surmised that Orson Welles must have been a part of all the hysteria. His 1938 radio classic, War of the Worlds, caused widespread panic based on a Martian invasion. Learning from history and the likes of Queen Victoria or Catherine the Great, I concluded that this War on Women was actually a War on Men and an insult to all who served our country in the real wars. Over 58,000 are found on the Viet Nam Wall in Washington D.C. All but eight are men.

August 20, 2015

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

(315) 796-4000


We ask all of our followers to submit copies of this editorial to your local newspaper for publication.

Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice

Children are human beings, not belongings. Children need the love, caring, nurturing, and guidance of both their mother and father throughout their lives. “Awarding” custody of a child to either the mother or father in divorce creates an atmosphere of contempt and competition, but more importantly it deprives the child of the benefit of the day to day nurturing of either their mother or father.

Research has shown in a dramatic fashion the long term devastating effects removal of a parent has on children. The following statistics from the American Psychological Association found along with other shared parenting research gathered together online at http://www.HelpStopPAS.com have been duplicated in a number of studies, including those from the U.S. Department of Education.

Psychologist Robert Bauserman, Ph.D., of Administration/Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore, Maryland conducted a meta-analysis of 33 studies between 1982 to 1999 that examined 1,846 sole-custody and 814 joint-custody children. The studies compared child adjustment in joint physical or joint legal custody with sole-custody settings and 251 intact families. Joint custody was defined as either physical custody – where a child spends equal or substantial amounts of time with both parents or shared legal custody – where a child lives with primarily one parent but both parents are involved in all aspects of the child’s life. This article will appear in the March issue of the Journal of Family Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Children in joint custody arrangements had less behavior and emotional problems, had higher self-esteem, better family relations and school performance than children in sole custody arrangements. And these children were as well-adjusted as intact family children on the same measures, said Bauserman, “probably because joint custody provides the child with an opportunity to have ongoing contact with both parents.

These findings indicate that children do not actually need to be in a joint physical custody to show better adjustment but just need to spend substantial time with both parents, especially with their fathers, said Bauserman. Also, joint custody couples reported less conflict, possibly because both parents could participate in their children’s lives equally and not spend the time arguing over childcare decisions. Unfortunately a perception exists that joint custody is more harmful because it exposes children to ongoing parental conflict. In fact, the studies in this review found that sole-custody parents reported higher levels of conflict.

Harvard also conducted studies with the following results:
Adolescents After Divorce, Buchanan, C., Maccoby, and Dornbusch, Harvard University Press,1996.

A study of 517 families with children ranging in age from 10.5 years to 18 years, across a four and a half year period. Measures were: assessed depression, deviance, school effort, and school grades. Children in shared parenting arrangements were found to have better adjustment on these measures than those in sole custody.

With these statistics it is easy to see that shared parenting is in the best interest of the child. Shared parenting legislation would also strengthen our family values and society as a whole. A study conducted by Richard Kuhn et al with The Children’s Rights Council showed a decline in divorce rates in states that allow joint physical custody.

The evidence reported in the paper indicates that widespread acceptance of joint physical custody will not increase the divorce rate, and may in fact reduce divorce. States whose family law policies – either by statute or through judicial practice – encourage joint custody have shown a much greater decline in their divorce rates than those that favor sole custody. REMEMBER THE $50 BILLION DOLLARS.

The decline was attributed to a number of factors. States that favor sole custody in divorce may thus expect to see more divorce than states that encourage joint custody. On a practical level, joint physical custody makes it less likely that a parent can move to another city to eliminate interaction with the other parent. Because both parents provide for the child directly, child support payments may be somewhat lower with joint custody, reducing financial motives for divorce. Perhaps most significant, joint custody also removes the capacity for one spouse to hurt the other by denying participation in raising the children.

A vast amount of research has found that shared parenting will not only strengthen the institution of marriage in our country but also give our nation’s children the love and companionship they need from both their mother and father to mature into productive and respected members of our society. Shared parenting is no longer a concept that needs to be debated; it has been tested and proven to be the preferred custody arrangement in a divorce situation. In absence of mental illness or abuse children are entitled to the right of a close continued relationship with both parents without interference from either parent or the court.

With this information it would be abusive towards parents and children not to act in the children’s best interest. The best interest of the children is equal time with both parents; shared parenting.

With this in mind consider the findings from the United States Department of Education:
“More than a quarter of American Children, 24 MILLION, do not live with their father. Girls without a father in their life are two and a half times as likely to get pregnant and 53 percent more likely to commit suicide. Boys without a father in their life are 63 percent more likely to run away and 37 percent more likely to abuse drugs. Both girls and boys are twice as likely to drop out of high school, twice as likely to end up in jail and nearly four times as likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems.” — HHS Press Release, Friday, March 26, 1999.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent and serious matter.

Respectfully Submitted

Signed,Justice Denied - DivorceCorp - 2015-16


JUSTICE FOR OUR CHILDREN – A Cause For Family Court Judicial Reform

Please add your stories, articles, photos, videos, and comments.

Lawyers and Judges have fiduciary duties under their codes of conduct to “insure the Integrity of the judiciary and the legal system” (Canon 1 and RPC Preamble #1 )” and to report to the appropriate authority if a lawyer or judge engages in conduct that runs contrary to promoting “public confidence in the judiciary and the rule of law” (RPC 8.3, Canon 3(b)(5) and Canon 1 and RPC Preamble #6 respectively) which may “injure our system of government under law” (Canon 1).

The problem: these self-regulating privileges devolved to a point where judges and lawyers have absolved themselves of these “fiduciary duties” and in fact have absolved themselves of their lawful duties.  Said another way, the public’s confidence in the judiciary and in the rule of law has been severely injured by the moral and ethical inbreeding in self-regulation. Richard A. Posner, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, writes, “Moral inbreeding may be as dangerous as biological inbreeding”.  Clearly the legal profession has been inbreeding for decades and this accounts for the ethical and moral mutations that now plague our justice system.

FIT-TV – http://www.UncheckedPower.org

And please visit The Pink Slip Project ~ A Solution To Overhaul The Dysfunctional Family Court System In Florida And The Rest Of The USA.

The story of child abuse and…                                              (Tambien en Español)
Every Child Deserves a Mom and Dad - 2015


Color of Law and Other Laws ~~


Florida – A System of Injusticewe-need-a-winner-2015

Miami ~ Fontainebleau Miami Beach ~ Downtown Miami ~ Mi Familia Vota ~ Florida Class Action Against Family Law Corruption ~ Our Children Have a Voice

Troxel v. Granville ~  American Fathers Liberation Army 2015

A national, nonpartisan,nonprofit citizens’ organization documenting how judges break the law and get away with it.
Our Mission . . .To improve the quality of our judiciary by removing political considerations from the judicial selection process and by ensuring that the process of disciplining and removing judges is effective and meaningful.



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    HOW MANY CHILDREN? ________





    DID YOU REPORT THE MISCONDUCT? ____________ IF SO, TO WHOM? ______________________________________

    WAS THE PERSON REPRIMANDED? __________ IF SO, HOW? _________________________________________________

    (Use additional sheet if necessary)


    I attest under penalty of perjury that my statements are true to the best of my knowledge.

    Mail to: The Attorney General of the United States, Dept. of Justice Rm. 4400, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W,Washington, DC 20530-0001 – Fax no. 202-307-6777 Email: Askdoj@usdoj.gov 
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    Demanding that Family Courts fulfill public’s right to fair, efficient justice with dignity, professionalism, courtesy.

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    Story ~ A 14 year-old daughter and big sister, was ILLEGALLY ABDUCTED nearly 3 years ago, no abuse, no neglect, just false accusations and…Read More



    another birthday - 2015Any man can raise a child but i have to fight in court to raise my own. - 2015 (1)Chief Judge Bertila Soto of 11th Judicial Circuit - 2015

Welcome to Leon Koziol.Com


By Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

A professional firm hired to evaluate this website issued a report this past week ranking it in the 18,000 range for activity worldwide. This was noted as a very high status considering our utter lack of financial support and the likelihood that there are that many websites in New York City alone. It may also be explained by unique niche we have filled regarding overdue reforms in family court.

For the past six years I have provided you with updates of my good government efforts, exposed public corruption and assisted victims to survive costly and needless custody or support battles. And if you’re a regular follower, you also know that I have paid a heavy price for my exercise of constitutionally protected free speech. Unfortunately I have found that our third branch of government remains largely immune from accountability and the retaliation has severely impaired…

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Abusive DCF Employees Should Be Fired; Will Union Protect Them?

Child Protection Worldwide 2015CT News Junkie | OP-ED | Abusive DCF Employees Should Be Fired; Will Union Protect Them?.

The DCF’s response has been clinical and sanitized. They say they are already addressing the problems outlined in the child advocate’s report, as well as a report written by an expert at the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice.

Promising more staff training, DCF Commissioner Joette Katz said: “We will need more to create the therapeutic and rehabilitative system that youth need to recover from adversities and achieve success.” Whatever that means.

A few weeks ago Katz wrote about the Second Chance initiative in an op-ed. I too believe in second chances — but I do not believe a person should be given a second chance to abuse a child.

From Susan Bigelow’s CTNewsJunkie op-ed a few weeks ago: “A long time ago I spoke with someone who had worked at a DCF facility, and I asked him about what the biggest problem he had to deal with there was. He looked at me, eyes heavy, and said: ‘The staff’.”

It must be incredibly difficult to work with these teens. Many of them have been through hell to get where they are, and they likely take it out on the staff. In this kind of unstable environment, it becomes all the more necessary to have people who can handle the weight of the job without lashing out.

And still. If we know that children are being abused in state custody, then something must be done about it. Any member of the DCF’s staff who hurts a child, whether physically or emotionally, should be fired.

And if that happens, then hopefully their union won’t stand in the way.

Suzanne Bates is the policy director for the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. She lives in South Windsor with her family. Follow her on Twitter @suzebates.

Dads need daughtersDISCLAIMER: The views, opinions, positions, or strategies expressed by the author are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of CTNewsJunkie.com.
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via CT News Junkie | OP-ED | Abusive DCF Employees Should Be Fired; Will Union Protect Them?.


News Media Investigates New Jersey Family Court’s Fraud and Legal Abuse


 Real Dads Embracing Non-Violence
Divorce Corp on Netflix Streaming Coming September 1st

 Published by NetworkedBlogs ·at Children’s Rights 

Exciting News! Posted by Divorce Corp. on Monday, August 10, 2015 As Seidle ended an hour long standoff with police, multiple witnesses said he repeatedly yelled that he didn’t want to go to court anymore as he held the gun to his head. “Family Court in New Jersey in our opinion is fraud and racketeering,” said Greg Roberts, founder of the Family Civil Liberties Union. “I call it the greatest fraud every perpetrated on the American public.” Roberts said the family court system tears families apart. While lawyers lob verbal grenades at both sides and collect money, the family is th… more »




The ActivistActivists Are Successful: Raised Their Voices in 2012

Throughout this year, you and other activists have raised your voice with Fathers and Families.

Thanks for your work and your activism, and the example you are setting for your children.

Together we have:
Secured a place for our founder, Ned Holstein, on Governor Deval Patrick’s Working Group on Child-Centered Family Law;
Placed a new limit on California spousal support;
Helped Ohio child support obligors by maintaining their driver’s licenses;
Continued our fight to protect our American soldiers’ custody in deployment;
Introduced shared parenting legislation in Washington;
Introduced legislation protecting men – and children – against paternity fraud in Washington and California;
Capped the age of the dependent for child support in Indiana;
Organized our members to present their stories at the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines hearings;
Took on the governor of Minnesota, but he still did not sign the shared parenting legislation;
Spoke out against a National Putative Registry;
Responded to South Dakota’s child support guidelines review;
Followed the Massachusetts alimony reform victory by moving the alimony reform movement to other states;
Protected the rights of biological fathers in Michigan;
Shed the light on child support scare tactics in South Carolina;
Backed uniform laws for military custody and for child custody across jurisdictions;
Responded to Ohio’s child support guidelines review;
Protected fathers “visitation” in Illinois;
Promoted grandparents’ rights in Georgia;
Asked the Census Bureau to count dads as parents, not as babysitters;
Educated about partner aggression against men;
Informed members about the revisions in child support guidelines in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas;
Took on P&G, who only recognized mothers as promoters of Olympic athletes, and Oscar Mayer for grilling dads in its advertisements in addition to its dogs;
Promoted companies with advertisements that recognize good dads: Mass Mutual, VW Polo, Dick’s Sporting Goods; and
Questioned our national health care for not providing equal preventative care for men.
Fathers and Families believes shared parenting is the single most important social change we must make for our children. Society should support shared parenting and the rights and responsibilities of both parents in the same way it supports other children’s issues, including child support enforcement.

Fathers and Families is your voice in family law. Fathers and Families continues to grow and so does the strength of your voice.

As we give thanks this week, Fathers and Families thanks each and every one of you who have written a letter, placed a phone call, met with a legislator, contacted the media, made a gift, or spoken up in your community. Every time you speak up, you bring us closer to shared parenting across America. And, with your continued commitment and strong voice, we will make even more progress in 2013.

Preserving the bond between parents and children,
Rita Fuerst Adams, MBA
National Executive Director

In the News
Court Transferred Custody Against Advice of Experts

Child Abduction is Criminal, Child Abuse

Judge Denies Halle Berry’s Bid to Take Daughter Abroad

Equal Parenting Bill

Generals Displayed Bad Judgment in Supporting Khawam’s Child Custody Case

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Child protection advocates call for children to have more say in custody disputes


Subect of the Family Courts - AFLA Blog 2016Our children are the casualties of a flawed and adversarial family court system which perpetuates and prolongs custody conflicts for financial gain. Whether you realize it or not, this affects you and has a negative impact on our society. Lets help reform our dysfunctional family the court system and save future children from this emotional abuse. Children need both parents. — with Grandparents4Justice Worldwide at http://www.Causes.com/ChildrensRights.