Extraordinary Lawsuit Exposes Human Rights Violations in U.S. Courts


It is an extraordinary writ for additional reasons including complicity in the human rights violations by a federal judge. This life tenured judge, Gary Sharpe, was previously removed from a case for inventing a human gene yet to be discovered by the scientific community to explain criminal conduct.

Dr. Koziol practiced law in both federal and state courts for more than 23 unblemished years until he became a target of retribution by custody, support and disciplinary judges. They even cited his exposure of judicial misconduct at New York’s prematurely disbanded Moreland Commission on Public Corruption as a reason to keep him in a suspended state concerning his precious daughters and law license.

It is an ordeal which reads like a John Grisham novel. Now you can read it here. The text of Koziol’s lawsuit explains how these domestic courts are seizing increased controls over our children for fee and revenue generating purposes to their ultimate detriment, why our society is suffering as a consequence and how the moral fiber of an entire nation is harmed.

If you have a similar ordeal which needs public exposure, feel free to contact Leon for a free publication consultation at (315) 796-4000. He is being retained by abused parents to write books.

As a published author his professional services can be reviewed at Leon Koziol.com
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Dr. Leon R.Koziol in Paris seeking international recognition of human rights violations in America’s domestic relations courts

While our federal government is promoting human rights across the globe, its military is returning to domestic courts which exploit children for profit. That’s the opening statement in a precedent seeking action being filed on November 16, 2015 in a federal appeals court in Manhattan.

Known as a mandamus action, it seeks extraordinary relief due to human rights violations exhibited by presiding judges abusing public office to promote a trillion dollar industry in America’s divorce and family courts. It is a “must-read” for any abused parent. See a copy of Dr. Koziol’s mandamus action:(Click Here)

The lawsuit targets judicial corruption, free speech retributions and a federal funding scheme known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Highly suppressed in public, this law rewards state judges for the number and size…

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5 thoughts on “Extraordinary Lawsuit Exposes Human Rights Violations in U.S. Courts

  1. Its interesting to see another article written about human rights abuses in the US. I am astonished that no reporter, journalist, politician, or human rights’ organization is willing to address the subject of “Targeted Individuals.” Yes there are some among us who have been driven to a paranoia that is not credible; but there are thousands of us who suffer these human rights’ abuses. I am a former college professor ,national award winning business woman, and former Mayor Pro Tem for twelve years. I became a target when I blew the whistle on misappropriation of federal funds which drew the attention of HUD who threatened the City with repayment of funds unless it met certain guidelines. I reported pedophilia complaints against the Director of an after school program funded by the City. The school system removed all of its students, but no one was ever prosecuted, Finally,I insisted on the resignation of a Police Chief who had numerous complaints of child molestation. The Chief left and became a professor in a Midwestern university. The retaliation was rapid and ruthless. I do not have the space here to reveal fourteen years of harassment, surveillance, stalking, and intimidation. My two children, both attorneys, have paid dearly with their careers. My son suffered the most devastating blow when he was admitted to Duke University Hospital for a cornea transplant. Prior to going into surgery, a doctor whom he had never met, lanced his retina. He left Duke blind in that eye, and they have refused to repair it.

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  2. Here’s my complete story of how the Family Court system dragged out my case which indeed cost me several thousand dollars in legal expenses and tried to silence me. All the lies, misrepresentations of my character, unsubstantiated as well as uncorroborated documents that summarize the entire nightmare including the loss of my fatherly rights to see my own daughter that I was faced with and continue to struggle from 17 years later.

    Divorce Proceedings Part I: http://youtu.be/it1dWODjk3A
    Divorce Proceedings Part II: http://youtu.be/bnGlJcaFJx8
    Divorce Proceedings Part III: http://youtu.be/2DfzLJIezDY
    Divorce Proceedings Part IV: https://youtu.be/ormEAwOh2Y0
    Divorce Proceedings Part V: http://youtu.be/e6HZR0g6K9E
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-A: http://youtu.be/R5-zktH8ZUk
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-B: http://youtu.be/_KLBA7zWUfI
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – A: http://youtu.be/Hd1mqB-WB8M
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – B: http://youtu.be/4Tw2ddoTGM0
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – C: http://youtu.be/w5y9mN4dts0
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – D: http://youtu.be/6A00kQ81bsw
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-A: http://youtu.be/MBkEI5vLbwc
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-B: http://youtu.be/AzOIFlEizgM

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