The safety and well-being of our children and families.

Let us make the politicians and media aware of all the knowledge we have of Family Court and Child Protection

we-lose-20163Citizens from all walks of life very concerned with the safety and well-being of our children and families.votefamily-parental-rights-class-action-2015

“What’s causing the children’s death under the Department of Children and Families and the separation of our families?   One word summarizes it:   GREED.”

we-need-a-winner-2015And that same greed motivation is behind the forced separation of parents in family courts.

If one of the parents has less than 50/50 time sharing, he/she is forced to pay child support, and for every dollar the states spend in child support, the federal government reimburses 66 cents back (so for every $1 the states spend, they receive $1.98 dollars back, a 98% ROI) plus millions in incentives to the states, as per Title IV-D of the social security.

If you or someone you know has been affected by DCF or Family courts, join CAPRA as one of the lead plaintiffs in an upcoming landmark federal class action lawsuit against all 50 States and the Federal Government, because you qualify as: (1) a biological parent whose child custody was unconstitutionally removed without due process; and, (2) you have been directly impacted by that during the last four years, i.e., within the statute of limitations.

This class action is on behalf of *both* types of “family court” – for wrongful victims of divorce-and-similar-with-kids *and* for wrongful victims of child protection services – and includes suing on behalf of ANY parent affected by either “family court” type. 

It’s totally free to join, and the federal court relief being demanded includes the full restoration of our child custody rights under law, plus a nice share of the large amount in civil damages expected. 

Check it out!

Fair4Families - 2015It just requires entering someone’s referral Code to join – so PLEASE use ours – 33183MJ123 –  in the CAPRA registration form, located on the bottom of the homepage  and/or just click on our personal recruitment link to become part of our team

Join the Anti Corruption Act in your neighborhood

Send letters to congress and president requesting DCF reformCode of Judicial Conduct - 2015

Watch and tell others to watch the movie “DivorceCorp.”

The documentary about the Family Court Industry in America, on Netflix!



intimate underwearWE THE PEOPLE demand an investigation of possible illegal activity of Florida’s Family Court Judges and outside special interest groups. 

This type of behavior can happen all across the country!!

it is up to the Court itself to adopt recusal rules.

Demand that Family Court Judges adopt strong rules and abide by them to ensure our courts are fair and impartial.

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