Captured By A Gender Ideology

W.A.V.E. Women Against VAWA Excess

Title IX and the Office for Civil Rights: Captured by a Gender Ideology

Recently the National Organization for Women held its 50th Anniversary Conference in Washington, D.C. One of the sessions, “Ride the Title IX Wave: Expanding the Network and Protecting LGBTQIA Students,” revealed the extent to which the Title IX law and the Dept. of Education’s Office for Civil Rights have come under the sway of a controversial gender agenda – all in the name of promoting sex “equality.”

The session’s description stated:

“One excellent example of how Title IX compliance can be successfully applied comes from the University of New Mexico where a cross campus collaboration strengthened LGBTQIA inclusion and visibility. A tool kit will be distributed on how to work with university officials and the community to advance LGBTQIA interests, leverage legal liability and build a strong foundation for Title IX compliance.”

The featured speaker was Erin Prangley of the American Association of University of Women (AAUW). Prangley bragged about getting “good help” from the Office for Civil Rights and how “we have gotten a lot of support from OCR.”

Prangley revealed, for example, how the AAUW persuaded OCR to issue “guidance” that gutted the Bush-era safe harbor rules permitting single-sex education. The 2015 OCR “guidance” also emphasizes STEM as a specific issue that Title IX coordinators should pursue.

Prangley also distributed a three-page handout of AAUW Title IX “Resources.” The handout reveals that AAUW has broadened its focus beyond colleges and universities. The AAUW is now urging its members to meet with Title IX coordinators in every school district across the country, noting that “All K-12 schools that receive federal funds must designate at least one employee to coordinate their efforts to comply with and carry out their responsibilities under Title IX.”

Another session presenter was Susan Klein, who outlined the expansive vision of the Feminist Majority Foundation, which now describes itself as the “World’s Largest Pro-Choice Student Network.” The FMF is advocating for full-time Title IX coordinators who will provide “equity leadership in the prevention of all types of sex and gender discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity.” The FMF also wants Title IX coordinators to focus on other disparity issues such as “disabilities or wealth.”

And in true Orwellian manner, the Feminist Majority Foundation is calling for greater awareness of “national gender equity organizations such as members of the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education” — failing to note that boys are lagging behind girls at all educational levels.

A third presenter was Alma Rosa Silva-Banuelos, director of the LBGTIA Resource Center at the University of New Mexico. She distributed a Toolkit for LGBTQ Inclusive Title IX Programs. Her handout made the claim that “sex stereotyping is a violation of Title IX.”

Clearly, the session presenters are locked in tight embrace with the OCR. They take ideas to OCR and OCR puts out guidance “expanding the understanding of what Title IX covers.”

The AAUW speaker was stunningly casual about how closely OCR works with them. She was almost giddy about how much OCR has done, and the proposals that they are presenting for further “guidance” which they expect will be issued in the next few months

Source: W.A.V.E. Women Against VAWA Excessdom-vio-statistics-vawa-20153

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  1. Reason for Protest:
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    – “Mental Health Must Not Be Complicit in Child Abuse”
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    7. The APA has neither acknowledged nor condemned this incident in front of the Dallas Courthouse, by virtue of it’s “no position” policy:

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    10. The APA admits that “Childhood Psychological Abuse as Harmful as Sexual or Physical Abuse” but has not discharged its self proclaimed charter, the “dissemination of psychological knowledge about child abuse and neglect to the public, the state associations, and the divisions”;

    11. The left hand of the APA has a “no position” policy, while the right hand of the APA publishes associated peer reviewed research in its journals and publishes the 2015 “APA Handbook on For

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