A strong correlation exists between ongoing custody battles and the violence arising from litigant abuses found in a variety of mainstream news media reports.

Family Court Promotes Domestic Violence - 2015More Family Court Inspired Violence?Family Court Abuse Family courts are clearly set up to make fathers and mothers fight. It brings out the worst in both of us because its dealing with children, OUR children. 

A strong correlation undoubtedly exists between ongoing custody battles and the violence arising from litigant abuses which can be found in a variety of mainstream news media reports. 

But the sad part is all of the bickering, fighting, and ensuing violence, suicides, murders etc could mostly all easily be avoided.

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tortureHow? Simple. Treat both mothers and fathers with equal respect. It should be de facto going into 75% or more of these child custody hearings that its going to be 50/50 custody end of story. Financial situations (aka so called child support) needs major reform but the key there is to start holding both parents responsible. Right now if the so called custodial parent can’t buy her kid some new clothes, tough shit, the kid goes to school in rags. But if noncustodial daddy doesn’t pay his so called “child support” one month, all hell breaks lose. He has accounts levied, ruins his credit, loses his house, loses his license, and some states goes right to jail.

Purple Keyboard Campaign 2015 - Stand Up For ZorayaMommy doesn’t have to worry about all that if she doesn’t buy Johnny a new bike or is running 2 months late on the electric bill. Nor should she or ANY parent have to have their basic human rights removed for a matter dealing strictly with money. It’s a draconian system, a modern day form of slavery need seen since the Middle Ages

So once we stop labeling parents important and unimportant in court, and stop making daddy a status quo weekend warrior ATM machine, that’s the only thing that will fix this.

custody players 2015The only reason we should ever have to get mediators and countless court appearances and allow all this crazy fighting to go on is if there is a PROVEN history of parental neglect OR if the parent willingly backs out from their god given right of shared custody.Purple Keyboard Campaign 2015 - Family Justice

Dysfunctional Family Courts 1 - 2015Otherwise mostly all family court cases should in theory be so cut and dry that we shouldn’t even need or want mediators and lawyers and judges involved at all. No one would bother going to court and going through all this emotionally draining nightmare if it was de facto that the decision would be shared custody. As it stands now the women are given huge advantages and this of course leads to a class of entitled people who can (and do) use the government to maliciously and forcefully punish the other parent and take advantage of them. And the worst part is they have societies backing doing this resulting in their conscience being okay with what they are doing.

It’s all for the kids, right? They have society
believing that so they just go along with that lie because they are so angry at their ex spouse. It’s a rather disgusting deplorable system we have set up here. And to know its in place because the people running it make too much money off of it to change it is the worst part of the whole story.

So yeah, I agree with you, as I always do. Much respect for you here Mr Koziol.

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Within moments of parental advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., releasing an alarming 28 Page report which predicted an increase in violence arising from litigant abuses in our courts, we were made aware of this tragic story from the Chicago Tribune. (Read Story Here). We are not suggesting the family court or litigant abuse was the cause of these senseless killings nor are we condoning these random acts of violence.

However, as previously expressed here at LeonKoziol.com, we continue to believe that a strong correlation undoubtedly exists between ongoing custody battles and the violence arising from litigant abuses which can be found in a variety of mainstream news media reports. Mr. Koziol’s recent report to the Judicial Conduct Commission was intended to further serve as a wake up call in hopes that both corrective action and reform can take place in an effort to prevent similar future tragedies from…

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