Child protection advocates call for children to have more say in custody disputes


Subect of the Family Courts - AFLA Blog 2016Our children are the casualties of a flawed and adversarial family court system which perpetuates and prolongs custody conflicts for financial gain. Whether you realize it or not, this affects you and has a negative impact on our society. Lets help reform our dysfunctional family the court system and save future children from this emotional abuse. Children need both parents. — with Grandparents4Justice Worldwide at

21 thoughts on “Child protection advocates call for children to have more say in custody disputes

  1. Family court is a big scary place for parents with small children, especially young parents. It is an unnecessary stress for families whose main focus should be caring for children not legal battles. This petition covers many much needed changes to make family court family friendly, including child support issues, changeover of care between parents and mediation, though these are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Family issues should be taken care of in a local, friendly community center where support and counselling are available to the whole family. And hearings in a big court should be for divorce, property settlement, dividing of assets and money, not fragile children. Tell our government to make families a priority by getting the facts straight and protecting the well-being of our children by protecting the well being of parents!
    Stop children being used as pawns in the battle between bitter parents after break up by providing realistic services to understand and guide parents through the process. Parental alienation is a huge problem in family court and a drain on the resources of the police and Department of Community Services.

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  2. Wow, I know this would help limit the sky rocketing amount of criminal and disordered behavior in children. It would help my stepson for sure. He’s screamed,hid,bit his father for trying to put him in his mother’s car, and pees his pants when he sees her in public or when he sees her pulling into the drive to take him from us. The courts gave her primary custody and he’s now 6 and has made calm statements to his entire classroom about wanting to kill himself because she keeps him from us. Children need 5o have an opinion. The course also need to stop being so bias.

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