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“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” Abraham Lincoln.

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Another Dad’s Story~

On June 6, 2012, DCF (Department of Children and Families) came to my house with yet another one of multiple false DCF calls alleging that my whole family, my parents, my brother, my new wife and I were mistreating our children. That afternoon, I called my children and prayed with them a prayer I had taught them and had posted on my refrigerator, and which I even use to teach Sunday school children with, The Spiritual Armor of God found in Ephesians 6. To my surprise, my ex-wife that same night was delusional and called police and DCF around midnight alleging that I was scaring her and my children by telling them that an evil spirit would come and kill them all, and that she was scared that I was the evil spirit that would come and kill them (see denied Domestic Violence petition).

The accusation was so outlandishly foolish and laughable, especially in light of my ex’s history of Bipolar Disorder with psychotic featuresParental Alienation, and sociopathic behavior such as repeated false accusations, having an affair and absconding with my children in another country  (see letter to ambassador to Nicaragua, and e-mail with State Department), and because my own son had denied this accusation in a legally obtained phone recording, that I thought that there was no way a Judge would even waste his/her time with it, especially since a Judge had already considered similar accusations before, and she had been caught on camera assaulting me, and then lying to police showing with bruises all over her body, and her own ex-boyfriend had confessed what she had done when she decided to alienate him from their yet not even born son and came back to the U.S. to have their child. Unfortunately,  the original Judged had been changed, and I was completely wrong for I did not realize that I was dealing with the Miami-Dade Family Court system, and with some Judges that are flat out either incompetent or corrupt, and should have never been in Family Court in the first place.


Then, with at least 5 different false accusations with DCF, around the time the kids were to finish the school year, money-hungry ill-intentioned attorneys, Yvette B. Reyes, and Ana C. Morales (please click on their names to see my complaints and the answers from the Florida Bar), obtained illegal copies of a confidential Child Protection Team (CPT) report whose findings were later found to be completely inaccurate, and without properly notifying me to have the opportunity to have legal representation, filed a purported emergency motion to have my time-sharing suspended. (See also Suggestions To Improve DCF).

Despite the foolish accusation, that terrible day, July 20, 2012, Judge Mindy Glazer, violated my due process rights by conducting an emergency telephonic hearing without proper notice. The emergency hearing was based on the alleged DCF report, on a case that had not even been closed, so there was not any such report. In the unannounced telephonic hearing, I had no legal representation as direct result of this Judge trampling on the rule of law and making a mockery of the legal process.

Here is some more information about her terrible performance: (www.robeprobe.comblogs.miaminewtimes.comwww.ccfj.net).

Thank you Lord for Mario Simon, Karen Nicole, Donatella Leticia, and Maximo Vittorio

Since that time, by order of another Judge, Pedro Echarte, I had only very limited supervised visitations with my kids, and my son went from scoring in the top quartile in the FCAT, and being given the honor of student of the month (one of the proudest moments of his and my life), to having serious deterioration of his grades and behavior, prompting the concerns from several of his teachers: 12.

11415520_431165910341853_3086569817237154341_o12To make matters worse, almost a year after our forced separation, I found out that my ex-wife’s attorneys were hiding the fact that my son had been diagnosed with Major Depression, and PTSD and was requiring psychiatric medications for them, with the later development of involuntary twitching of his neck and shoulders secondary to these medications.  No other traumatic event had happened since my children were alienated from me and my side of the family last July 2012, and I only had very limited supervised visitations since then.  Before this separation, my son was one of the best students in his class, but after my ex-wife attorneys’ collaborated to alienate my children, he developed these psychological conditions.Family Court is a MAFIA - Child Trafficking - 2016

In further fraud upon the court, my ex’s attorneys filed amotion to vacate the dissolution of marriage alleging that Mother was not legally represented and was not given noticed of the dissolution of marriage, when in fact she had been the one initiating and promoting the divorce. See her initial motion, and three other motions filed there:1, 2, 3.

Additionally, opposite counsel claimed that Mother was under dourest at the time of the divorce being a victim of domestic violence, when in fact, Mother had been caught on hidden camera at a shopping center assaulting Father after he had found romantic messages on his son’s phone from Mother’s lover, Marcelo Villarreal. Please, see video of Mother’s assault, and hear recording of boyfriend confessing as to their relationship (see also transcript).

Judge Pedro Echarte not only refused to see the previous evidence, but added insult to injury when he refused to read the final report from DCF, and actually threw it in the garbage. The final report cleared me of the accusations, but judge Echarte threw it away claiming that it had been performed one day before he had given the order to do so.  Instead of reading it, he ordered me to pay for a second psychological evaluation with a psychologist opposite counsel had recommended, and who had been responsible in great part for the death of Nubia Barahona. He also refused to domesticate the divorce decree obtained in Nicaragua, leaving the door open for opposite counsel to illegal vacate the divorce decree. Bare in mind that I had lost custody of my children justjust with an illegally obtained initial report from DCF via a purported “emergency” telephonic hearing without proper notification since it had been sent the same day of the filing of the motion to an address I was not even living in at that time.

In hopes of obtaining justice, I naively sent the following complaint to the FLORIDA JUDICIAL QUALIFICATIONS COMMISSION (FJQC) about Judge Pedro Echarte, since Judge Glazer was only conveniently sitting in for him on an emergency basis), but the FJQC unbelievably found no fault with Judge Echarte’s actions. After this, I have received communication from at least seven other parties in complete disgust with Judge Pedro Echartes’ violations of Florida’s Judicial code of conduct. These cases go from judge Echarte declaring as marital assets real state property from the mother of a parent before him, to removing custody of an autistic 12-year-old boy from a mother who had raised him for 12-years despite clear and convincing evidence that mother had been set up by former husband by false accusations to DCF.

To make matters worse, I then came before a third Judge, Scott Bernstein, who seemed to be inherently unable to identify with the love of a father for his children, who claimed to stand against bigotry but became a religious bigot himself, and who by his decisions, supported the opinion that somehow my Christian beliefs prevented me from freely seeing my children. Respect deserves respect, and judge Bernstein certainly lacked any respect to us all. At one point, he even scolded me for having more children with another person, and told me that this would not prevent me from having to pay for my ex’s attorneys fees.

After some quick research on the internet, I found out why this Judge was so out of touch with the great majority of families in America: here are some links about Judge Bernstein and his “husband,” TV star David Young, sending a clear message to our children that it is perfectly “normal” for a man to marry another man, but that somehow, it is wrong for parents of faith to pray with their own children:  miamiherald.typepad.comgaylife.about.comwww.jud11.flcourts.orgwww.flickr.com).

After basically ignoring all the evidence presented (Verified Petition for DependencyRESPONSE TO MOTION FOR CIVIL CONTEMPT-ENFORCEMENT,  Motion to vacate all ordersMemorandum in support of denial of mother’s motion for contemptFather’s response to mother’s motions for contempt), Judge Bernstein nearly forced me into bankruptcy due to legal fees and costs, forcing me to pay for my ex’s attorneys, and contrary to all common sense, demanded that I undergo a second evaluation with the same psychologist I had reported to the Health Department instead of accepting the initial evaluation obtained from an independent psychologist from DCF.

The psychologist was Vanessa Archer, the same person who in my opinion was negligently responsible for the killing of an innocent child not too long before my case, Nubia Barahona; please see official DCF reportTwins File Lawsuit and willful neglect lawsuit filed against DCF on behalf of Nubia’s adoptive siblings. Similarly to the Barahona case, Mrs. Archer, instead of reporting to the Judge pertinent information, such as the fact that my son had denied what I had been accused of, went ahead and requested to stop phone communication with my children because my son was contradicting what she had written in her report.Psych Eval Family courts - 2016

To no one’s surprise, Mrs. Archer, the psychologist procured by my ex’s attorneys, conveniently ignored the evidence presented, just like in the Barahona case, and recommended periodic re-evaluations with her ($1,800 each) and to continue with supervised visitations, where I needed to pay a social worker to see my children. To me, this was nothing more than a “legalized” form of extortion, and I was no longer willing to put up with it any more, so I have not had any contact with my children since October 26 of 2013 due to the corruption of these individuals.  

After almost being driven to bankruptcy in the Family Court system (which should be renamed Anti-Family Courts due to their current behavior against families), I have come to the conclusion that we are dealing with a New Mafia that “legally” kidnaps and exhorts money from its victims, so I have decided to join forces with organizations such as Divorce Corp to form a common front against these gangsters.  What is even more sad is the fact that in Family Court even those who are supposed to help you may en up hurting you as attested by two of my previous attorneys, reasons why I decided to continue defending my children Pro Se.

Finally, even after presenting all the above evidence, Judge Bernstein went as far as prohibiting me to send e-mails with the daily Bible devotionals to my son, something I used to do with all my family contacts. Although I have submitted to authority all my life as Romans 13:1-2 calls Christians to do, or I wouldn’t have become a successful  Olympian,  engineer  and  physician, the Bible also commands Christians to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), so in the spirit of nonviolent civil disobedience of Gandhi and Luther King, I decided to disobey Judge Bernstein’s orders and go to jail if necessary to teach my children the word of God.

I hereby call Christians of all denominations to unite in One Heart, the Heart of Christ, drawing the line, and saying to these individuals, as Peter and the other Apostles did, we will obey God rather than men! However, my case not only affects Christians, but also parents of all faiths, from Jews to Muslims, for it opens the doors to a religious persecution never before seen in America, so I am hereby also calling all parents who have faith in God to stand with me to protect our religious freedoms. If you are interested in forming a common front against the abuses in Family Court, please email me at NewJudge1@gmail.com.

The illegal actions committed by the individuals mentioned above are criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.  Criminals are defined by their behavior, nothing else. Explicitly, these are behaviors freely chosen which victimize other people and deprive them of their basic rights. Crime is not caused by anything identifiable; it is a life-style of persistently neglecting the rights of other individuals. Please, contact Honorable Katherine Fernandez Rundle, MIAMI-DADE OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY, 11th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, to start criminal investigations of these individuals.

For more information about our campaign, please visit VoteFamily.Us  and VoteFamilia.Us2e2ec-votefamily-us2b-2b2015

If you want to know how I have been able to not only cope but thrive in the middle of this trial, read this: A Medico-Biblical Solution to Stress-Entering God’s Rest.

MIAMI (CBS4) – A panel member investigating the failings in DCF’s handling of the Barahona case said Thursday that the delays in getting a psychological evaluation of Nubia Barahona “appears inexcusable”…the report from psychologist Dr. Vanessa L. Archer should have had the reliability questioned because Archer didn’t consider information presented by Nubia’s principal or teacher…the judge, should have taken “steps to rectify that critical flaw in her report.”

Possible Solutions (all based on a simple principle: we do not need to create more laws, but must be able to enforce the existing ones):

1. Constitutional Amendment requiring Family Court judges to appear for reelections at General Election time, whether to face an opponent or for a confidence vote from the people they serve (not at the Primary Elections, like must judges are doing now, where only a fraction of voters appear, and where by virtue of their smaller number, voters are more easily influenced by special interest groups in Family Court).

2. Create a national database of judges in Family Court, or form an alliance with an existing one, such as www.robeprobe.com, to easily identify and support as a common front the best judges in Family Court.Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Law Reform - 2015

To any person(s) trying to violate my constitutional and/or Federal rights: Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law -18 U.S.C. §242; 18 U.S.C. §245; 42 U.S.C. §1983.


The same person who provided the free templates for the federal removal, Torm Howse, asked me to join CAPRA as one of the lead plaintiffs in an upcoming landmark federal class action lawsuit against all 50 States and the Federal Government, because I qualify as: (1) a biological parent whose child custody was unconstitutionally removed without due process; and, (2) I have been directly impacted by that during the last four years, i.e., within the statute of limitations. This class action is on behalf of *both* types of “family court” – for wrongful victims of divorce-and-similar-with-kids *and* for wrongful victims of child protection services – and includes suing on behalf of ANY parent affected by either “family court” type.

It’s totally free to join, and the federal court relief being demanded includes the full restoration of my child custody rights under law, plus a nice share of the large amount in civil damages expected. Check it out!

It just requires entering someone’s referral Code to join – so PLEASE use mine – 33183MJ123 – in the CAPRA registration form, located on the bottom of the homepage at http://parentalrightsclassaction.com, just click on my personal recruitment link to become part of my team:http://form.jotformpro.com/form/52257020313946?enterThe=33183MJ123

Plus, check out their power-packed Legal Tips page for all parents fighting family court, too –http://www.parentalrightsclassaction.com/legaltips.html, wow!!



Please, watch a movie that explains what we are fighting for all over the world, and especially here in the US. Borrando a papá – Erasing Dad -versión censurada por orden judicial:

This website is dedicated to my two oldest children, Mario Simon and Karen Nicole. If you are reading this, you are of age to know the truth: your Father loves you and has not stopped fighting for you. Always, remember this, Love conquers all. Please, read message to my Alienated Daughter. When in doubt that we can defeat all evil, remember GOD’S SUPER ABOUNDING GRACE FOR YOU!Missing Years of My Daughter Life by Parental Alienation - 2015

In the name of Jesus, as David defeated Goliath, we have already defeated the giants of family courts, for they have defied the Lord of Hosts. Working for a united family and a united Church, the greatest force on the face of the earth for even “the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:18-19).

If In A Hurry, See Summary HERE. For Solutions: Six-Year-Plan (Spanish).

Please See Letters to 11th Circuit Chief JudgeFlorida Chief Judge, and Senate Judiciary Committee

Please See Betrayed By Your Own

(My ex’s attorneys were furious for exposing their crimes before the Florida Supreme Court, and tried to stop me by filing Motion of Contempt for the same day I had to testify, my Response to Motion, and my request for Final Trial).

E-mail to my son’s teachers: http://saynotopas.com/teacher/

saynotopas-2016Justice For Nubia, Victor and My Children (I Will Not Stop Until My Children Are Home)

This is the prayer I prayed with my kids, http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=53, the reason why a male judge, Scot Bernstein, who is married to another male judge, David Young, has kept me away from my children. Talk about bigotry. I love gays and lesbians, but this judge is a disgrace to their cause. As a matter of fact, I have very close family members and friends whom I love and respect beyond words, but this judge does not represent them at all. He is up for re-election in 2016, I got a feeling that 2016 will be his last year wearing a black rope.

See: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gaysouthflorida/2007/09/judge-david-you.html. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.” ― Mahatma Gandhi. Solution: http://www.NewJudge.com

As I have been able to personally experience, we have a very serious problem with our Family Court system, which as the panel that investigated the death of Nubia Barahona noted (Exhibit B):  “In Florida we talk about a “system,” but we are far from a real “system.” We would be much closer to a genuine system if the operating principle in the case of every child in the child welfare system was this: We will insist that every piece of relevant information to a child’s life and future is available in one, constantly updated place where everyone responsible for that child’s well-being could see that information, discuss it, assess it. And we will apply critical thinking and common sense — always. None of this happened here. For these and other reasons, Nubia died. Horribly.

In a “genuine system,” we would learn from our mistakes, but unfortunately this has not been the case. As my personal experience shows, the “system” does not seem to have learned from its mistakes. For instance, the courts continue to rely on and “enthrall” “professionals” such as the one in the Nubia Barahona case, namely psychologist Vanessa Archer, who as the Nubia panel pointed: “[her] omissions made Dr. Archer’s report, at best, incomplete, and should have brought into serious question the reliability of her recommendation[s],” pointing very clearly as to the validity of her “professional” reports. For instance in my case, the system relied solely on her unprofessional and completely biased opinion to take away shared custody of my children, causing my oldest son to go from being a great student and be thriving in life (Exhibit C), to being diagnosed with Major Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Exhibit D) almost a year after our forced separation; all of this based exclusively on the incompetent opinion of Mrs. Archer. To further make my point, the Nubia panel goes on and says: “it seems to us, case managers and child protective investigators seemed often – and it turns out – wrongly enthralled by the psychological report [Mrs. Archer’s report]. The report, as Dr. Walter Lambert so clearly testified, was patently incorrect. [The] conclusion that change in foster parents would destroy them [was] absurd.

“…relying on professionals [Mrs. Archer being on top] who were either unaware of all the research in trauma-sensitive transitions or not making an effective analysis of the information available because, among other things, professionals were not listening to, or taking into account seriously enough, what the children were saying.” In my case, Mrs. Archer went as far as hiding information from the courts. Instead of reporting to the Judge pertinent information, such as the fact that my son had denied what I had been accused of, went ahead and requested to stop phone communication with my children because my son was contradicting what she had written in her report.

As it is apparent by the Nubia panel, It seems to be customary by Mrs. Archer to ignore critical information: “The court-ordered psychological evaluation of Nubia and Victor performed on Feb. 12, 2008 by Dr. Vanessa Archer recommending adoption of Nubia and Victor by the Barahonas to be “clearly in their best interest” and “to proceed with no further delay” — failed to consider critical information presented by the children’s principal and school professionals about potential signs of abuse and neglect by the Barahonas.

That Omission made Dr. Archer’s report, at best, incomplete, and should have brought into serious question the reliability of her recommendation of adoption. Several professionals,…[as in my case] the judge, were, or should have been, aware of that significant omission, and yet apparently failed to take any steps to rectify that critical flaw in her report.

While in my case, several teachers have noticed the deterioration of my children’s behavior, as exemplified by e-mails from four different of my son’s teachers (Exhibit E), but Mrs. Archer chose to ignore them, and actually provided false information in her reports; in the Nubia case, Mrs. Archer also chose to ignore the evidence, and actually provided false information as well: “In September 2007, a School Multidisciplinary Treatment Team found that Victor was demonstrating poor academic progress and would be repeating first grade; yet, in a report to the court on Feb. 22, 2008, Dr. Archer says, “while both children are in special educational classes, they are excelling academically.”” Information which was clearly false, and readily available to her, as stated in the panel’s report: “Information about the children’s academic performance is readily available online from the Miami-Dade Public School System.

Furthermore, as it is apparently customary by Mrs. archer, her “professional” skills are highly questionable as noted by the same panel: “It should be noted that the panel was provided an administrative law judge’s opinion in another case in which Dr. Archer’s “acquisition of her entire factual basis for her testimony commenced 10 minutes prior to entering the hearing room. At that time, she reviewed medical notes, consulted with [department counsel] and met with the child and the foster mother, briefly.” The Administrative Law Judge on that case referred to this as a “drive-by diagnosis.”

The panel goes on to say about Mrs. Archer’s professionalism the following: “The delay of more than five months to perform the psychological evaluation ordered by Judge Valerie Manno-Schurr appears inexcusable in light of the fact that it was compelled by the very serious concerns raised by the principal and teacher at the children’s schools about the safety of Nubia and Victor in their foster home. In total, about 11 months lapsed…

As the evidence presented by the Nubia panel clearly shows, Mrs. Archer should have been reprimanded for her lack of professionalism and poor performance protecting the children of our state, but instead, was promoted to hear cases such as mine.  Despite my strongest opposition to not have Mrs. Archer for a second psychological evaluation, my petition to have a more competent and unbiased psychologist was denied. The result, as expected from someone I had reported to the board of psychology for incompetence (Exhibit H), was that she retaliated with vengeance in clearly biased and unprofessional statements to belittle my faith, accomplishments, and character (Exhibits F, and G):  “Mr. Jimenez has not demonstrated much creativity…[has] rigid thought pattern[s]…[his] perseverative thought processes and dogmatic behavior patterns would also explain his religious obsessions, and his repeated and continued attempts to convince others that he has been falsely accused.”

As my case clearly shows, not making Mrs. Archer accountable for her poor professionalism and performance has prevented her from learning the lessons that she should have learned from the Nubia Barahona case.  This egregious mistake has caused even more havoc and destruction to innocent lives as seen with my children in my case. However, I am confident that by me bringing these facts to the light, any future mistakes will be prevented.children4justice -Psychological Damage - 2016

Exhibit A: Justice for Nubia, Victor and my children.
Exhibit B: The Nubia Barahona Report.

Exhibit C: My son named student of the month while in my shared Custody.
Exhibit D: My son diagnosed with major depression and PTSD.
Exhibit E: E-mails from my son’s teachers.
Exhibit F: Letters of character.

Exhibit G: Some accomplishments: Highest score at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital FM program, Cum Laude graduate in Electrical Engineering at Florida International University, Boxing bronze medalist at Olympic Trials Atlanta 1996.
Exhibit H: Complaint to Health Department concerning unprofessional practices of Mrs. Vanessa Leigh Archer.

Exhibit I: Repeated e-mails requesting mediation.

P.S. I will never give up the fight for the well being of my children. Due to my my children’s continued alienation and my son’s deteriorating behavior, I have requested a second emergency petition for unsupervised visitations, and the hearing is not set yet. Your prayers are greatly appreciated; if you can make it, it would be great as well, since I would need witnesses other than my family as to what transpires in court.  Now, in retaliation for my petition, my ex’s attorneys proceeded to request that I pay all of their fees, suit money and cost, and have requested a hearing for it, set for February 4, 2014 (postponed until further notice).

Had great news on January 27th, 2015. We got Judged Scott Bernstein, the anti-Christian extremist gay judge that kept me away from my children for praying for them moved out of my kids’ case. I told my friends that I had seen the giants falling by the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us. Judge Scott Bernstein got moved not only from my kids’ case, but actually from all cases in the division that he headed, high complex cases division. He was the second in command in family court. I believe that they are trying to shelter him from all the bad publicity that he is getting from the bigotry he has shown towards Christian parents in the Miami-Dade County. See my petition to recuse him here: http://saynotopas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/VERIFIED-MOTION-FOR-DISQUALIFICATION-OF-JUDGE-filed.pdf

Decision must have come from much higher up, probably from chief Florida supreme court, Honorable Jorge Labarga (see letter http://saynotopas.com/florida-chief-judge/), and/or local chief judge, Bertile Soto (seeletter http://saynotopas.com/chief-judge/):

New Judge: http://judgepedia.org/Ariana_Fajardo. If anyone has information about her, please let me know.  No need to tell me about Judge Fajardo.  I know her personally now.  She is just like all “family” Judges.  She completely ignored all the evidence of the fraud committed by my ex’s attorneys and others involved, conducting a one-sided fiasco hearing where she ordered me to pay for my ex’s attorneys fees for preparing an order of contempt against me. See order here.DivorceCorp - Consulted a minister and psychiatrist NOT Lawyer - AFLA Blog 2016

I know that the God of justice will deal with those who have harmed my children in their due time. I pray that God touches their hearts, and that they may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, that any issues that they may have had with men or any other individuals in their past, including their fathers, may be healed. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN.

Exhibits A through I.

-On Oct. 31, 2014: Motion For Protective Order.
-On Nov. 3, 2014: Ex-parte Order Compelling Discovery.
-On Nov. 6, and 17, 2014: Order of referral to general magistrate for attorney fees and more child support-Refusal from other party.

-On Nov. 17, 2014: No agreement on mediation.
-On Nov. 17, 2014: Objection-from other party to general magistrate-Robert Jones-example of vexatious litigation.
-On Nov. 19, 2014: 2nd Emergency Motion for Time Sharing.
-On Dec. 3, 2014: NOTICE OF HEARING for SECOND MOTION FOR TEMPORARY ATTORNEY’S FEES, SUIT MONEY AND COSTS from other party, set for Feb. 4, 2014.
-On Dec. 18, 2014: Motion To Compel payment from FATHER only by GAL.
-On Jan. 20, 2015: NOTICE OF HEARING for February 4, 2015
Order that caused Federal Removal on Feb. 23, 1015.

-Federal Petition for rehearing of appeal denied on April 26, 2016, and mandated on May 4, 2016.

Next Page: Reasons For Sharing My Story

5770d-seal_of_floridaUnited We Stand For Freedom Petition

Dear Attorney General Bondi, and Governor Scott,

I am writing to petition your intervention to investigate and protect the parental speech and religious freedoms of Floridians.

On July 20th, 2012, the two older children of a Christian father (please see details at http://www.SayNoToPAS.com) were removed from his shared equal custody solely based on his religious right to pray with his minor children. A series of judicial anomalies allowed this terrible form of abuse, and I believe that the intervention of your office is well warranted because the actions perpetrated against this father’s religious and speech rights set a very dangerous precedent against Florida residents who could face losing this most basic rights if your office does not intervene on his and his children’s behalf, and does not step in to protect the speech and religious freedoms of Floridians. I believe that the legal ramifications set forth by this case pose a very dangerous legal precedent against Christians, Jewish, Muslims, and parents of all faiths, in violation of two of the most important rights in our nation, freedom of speech and religion, and as such, I am hereby petitioning your intervention in this case, and that your office performs an independent investigation of this or any other unfair practices in the 11th Circuit Family Court System, where these abuses took place.

At the same time, as established by ARTICLE V, Section 10, 3(b) of the Florida Constitution, I am also asking to file with the custodian of state records a petition to “initiate the local option for merit selection and retention or the election of county court judges, whichever is applicable” for the judges involved in this case, namely judges Mindy Glazer, Pedro Echarte, and Scott Bernstein. I would like to thank you in advance for your help on behalf of the Christian father’s minor children, and the protection of the speech and religious freedoms of Floridians. I am a registered voter of Florida and hereby make the above petitions.

Share this with your friends:


1. If you live in Florida, and want to help stop the rampant physical and metal abuse of our children by an incompetent “Family” court system: Join the Pink Slip Project.

2. How I have been able to not only cope but thrive in the middle of this trial? A Medico-Biblical Solution to Stress-Entering God’s Rest.

Why is it so important we reform Family Law?

A corruption that is killing our children. Here in Florida, the number of children who have died under the mafia of the Family Court system is increasing at an alarming rate. Count went from 490 to 527 (+2 in a matter of days) in only a few months:

http://pubsys.miamiherald.com/projects/2014/innocents-lost/database/. Thank you Miami Herald for standing up for our children. We must unite to put an end to this madness. Visit www.NewJudge.com for a plan.

Newsflash: Support for a merit retention constitutional amendment for all elected officials increases here in Florida. Honorable State Senators Rene Garcia,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Garc%C3%ADa, and Anitere Flores, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anitere_Flores, support our efforts, as well as does newly elected U.S. Congressman, Carlos Curbelo, http://www.carloscurbelo.com/, whom our organization actively supported to win against Joe Garcia. Mrs. Flores and Mr. Curbelo even signed our petition, please see HERE.

Although, our organization is non-partisan, we were overjoyed with Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s win. We had contacted incumbent “Democratic” Congressman Joe Garcia’s offices, but they ignored our petitions to help our children and families from the corruption in our present family court system. Just like the corruption we have been able to personally witness, Mr. Garcia was allegedly involved in corruption. No wonder why his office did not want to help us.

To all political parties out there, the message for this upcoming 2016 elections is clear: Protect our children and families or you will not win.  The medicine against corruption is accountability and that is why a Merit Retention Constitutional Amendment is so important to help preserve our freedoms and democratic values. Please, join our efforts to form a unified front to protect our children and our families. Visit NewJudge.com for more details.

Source: Defending Our Children and Families


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